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Today I bring you the exciting release for something I have been working on for a good two months. You must all know by now that I design stationery, planners mainly and I like to focus on blogger products as I know myself just how rare they are to find and at a reasonable price. This has been in the making for a while as I wanted it to be perfect and I really hope you love it!

The Ultimate Blogger Collection is a printable planner pack consisting of 8 pages, everything you need to help be an organised blogger. I was taking my time as I wanted it to be perfect and include everything I could think of and I really hope I haven’t missed anything out. I’ve tried to cover all angels and use my own experience when designing the sections. I end up with idea filled bits of paper everywhere so this pack will be perfect for you if you struggle with organisation like me. So what’s included in The Ultimate Blogger Collection?

The Ultimate Blogger Collection - PaperChicCo - 2PIN IT!

There are 9 pages in total including the front cover however this is just extra if you want to kit everything together and have it looking nice. I like to hold all mine with a gold paperclip – Obviously gold, the obsession is real guys!

Page 1 – Front Cover
Page 2 – Pink Detailed Blog Post Planner – This planner is perfect for long info packed blog posts. (Available separately here)
Page 3 – Collaborations Tracker – For keeping track of PR samples/sponsored posts. Also has space for the company details as well.
Page 4 – Blog Post Checklist – The best way to keep track of your blog posts, check off your progress for each post as you go along. Available as numerous different landscape styles here however this version will be available separately soon.

The Ultimate Blogger Collection - PaperChicCo - 3PIN IT!

Page 5 – Social Media Stat Tracker – This is one of my favourites as everyone loves to know how their social media platforms are growing. (Available separately here)
Page 6 – Products Tracker – Want to buy a product you love the sound of or have lots of PR products coming? This page is for all your wishlist items and awaiting PR deliveries.
Page 7 – Blog & Social Media Tracker/Emails To Send – Keep track of which social media platforms you have shared your new post on (available separately hereand keep track of all the emails you need to send & check them off once you’re done.

The Ultimate Blogger Collection - PaperChicCo - 4PIN IT!

Page 8 – To Do List/Goals/Blog Post Ideas/Inspiration – Everyone loves a to-do list, your goals for the week/month/year, a place for jotting down those blog post ideas and a little inspiration box for that extra motivation.
Page 9 – Notes Page – For anything and everything.

The Ultimate Blogger Collection - PaperChicCo - 5PIN IT!

I hope you love the idea of this kit, I had so much fun designing it. It’s currently only available from my Etsy shop PaperChicCo as a printable item however I do hope to make it into a physical item one day, just trying to work out how to do it! It’s priced at £5.00 however Etsy add on VAT for digital items for European buyers so it comes up at £6.00. However, you can get 20% off any printable item with the code ‘CHICPRINT20’

You can get two of the items in physical notepad form from my main shop The Detailed Blog Post Planner and Blog & Social Media Planner. I am also having a sale on there as well where you can get up to 50% off selected items. I’m making way for new exciting products that I’m itching to share with you all.

I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who has supported PaperChicCo, it’s amazing hearing all the lovely feedback and seeing the items that I have designed on people’s desks on Instagram is just surreal. Blogger friends who are recommending my shop or tagging it on Twitter and Instagram, you are amazing and I can’t thank you enough!

I hope you love this new release and find it helpful. Don’t forget to tag any purchases on Instagram using #PaperChicCo.

Lots of love


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