Avéne Sensitive Skin Saviour Kit

It’s no secret that I love Avéne, it’s probably my favourite skincare brand now and it has never let me down. Suffering with super sensitive allergy prone skin can be really difficult as anything can set off a reaction. Luckily I have now found my brand that suits my picky skin perfectly. This little Avéne Sensitive Skin Saviour Kitis perfect for travling, festivals, camping or for just popping in your bag incase of emergencies.

The kit contains four products, two of which are the same, these are 2x 50ml Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion, 1x 50ml Thermal Spring Water Spray, 1x 50ml Skin Recovery Cream. This set costs £20.00 from Boots and it is a total bargain. The Skin Recovery Cream alone is £16.50 and you’re getting a full size in the kit. Even if you just want the moisturiser it’s worth getting the kit, you pay a little extra but you’re getting an extra three products.

Avéne Sensitive Skin Saviour Kit - 2PIN IT!Avéne Sensitive Skin Saviour Kit - 3PIN IT!Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion
I have used this before and it’s great for a festival or camping as you don’t need to wash it off like you do with most cleansers, you just simply wipe off the excess product with a tissue. It doesn’t cause any irritation and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry or tight. I love this super handy travel size, I now keep one in my handbag incase I ever need to remove my makeup quickly. Sadly certain makeup causes my skin to become inflamed and itchy which out any warning so its great knowing I have a product that will help me out.

Thermal Spring Water Spray
I’ve used so many of these as they are perfect for taking on holiday or for when it’s a warm sticky day, a quick spritz leaves you feeling cool and refreshed. It’s great to use over makeup if you’re looking a little dry and flat, it just brings your makeup back to life again. It’s also great to have on hand when sitting round a pool or in the garden, so refreshing. I have also found that if your skin is feeling a little itchy and irritated, a little spritz of this just soothes the skin and calms it back down. For those days when you catch a little bit too much sun and your sunburn is a little itchy, this will stop that itching. Again, the handy travel size is perfect for your handbag and to replace this it will only cost £3.00, a total bargain.

Avéne Sensitive Skin Saviour Kit - 4PIN IT!Skin Recovery Cream
I recently bought the Rich Skin Recovery Cream as it was recommended to me to try and sort out my troublesome skin and it worked brilliantly. This product is just brilliant and I can’t praise it enough, either the rich version or this version are so worth their price tag. I love how compact the tube is so it’s great for traveling and it has a special dispenser to ensure that no germs can get into the product itself, just what you need when at a festival or camping, so hygienic!

It’s quite obvious just how much I love this set and the brand, if you have sensitive skin you should definitely check out Avéne, this kit is perfect for trialling a couple of the products before committing yourself to buying the full sizes.

Have you tried any Avéne products?