River Island Mini Outfits

I recently posted a River Island Mini Haul sharing some lovely items from the River Island baby boy range and mentioned how I would be sharing a couple of outfit posts featuring the clothes, instead of two separate posts, I decided to add two outfits together in this post and share the other set another time.

Once the parcel arrived I choose one of my favourite outfits and took George straight to the park to get snapping. I got G dressed, strapped him in the pram and no joke, he was sick all down his new shirt. Luckily I whipped out a cloth and mopped it up before it could effect the shirt too much. But off we went anyway and yes I took it straight off when he got home to wash it, typical baby troubles.

River Island’s Mini range has such a great variety of clothes and shoes, so many cute and adorable pieces, it’s hard to not want them all. Their baby boy section is so on trend with floral shirts, skinny jeans, brogues and more, all ranging from 0-3 months up to 5 years old. Their baby girl wear is quirky and different to the usual frilly pink things which is great to see. I particularly love how they sell some items in sets, two pieces for an affordable price, it’s a great way to get a lovely little outfit and today I am sharing two of their sets. Sadly these two particular sets aren’t available anymore but you can check out what they do have available here.

River Island Mini - Outfits - 2PIN IT!River Island Mini - Outfits - 3PIN IT!River Island Mini - Outfits - 4PIN IT!River Island Mini - Outfits - 5PIN IT!River Island Mini - Outfits - 6PIN IT!River Island Mini - Outfits - 7PIN IT!

This was the first time George had sat on grass without a blanket so trying to photograph him was quite tricky as he was distracted with the grass, three times I had to stop him from eating it. The navy loafers are also available in grey and light brown, all three look lovely. They are really well made and have proper soles so they will be perfect for when George starts to walk around. All their baby shoes start from size 3 which is roughly 9-12 months however George’s feet have always been really big so they fit him fine with plenty of room to spare.

River Island Mini - 8PIN IT!River Island Mini - 9PIN IT!River Island Mini - 10PIN IT!River Island Mini - 11PIN IT!River Island Mini - 12PIN IT!

This second outfit George wore to a BBQ, although it wasn’t really hot it was still quite warm and the linen material kept him nice and cool. He’s such a hot baby but he was really comfortable in this. I love how River Island shirts have poppers down the front and not fake buttons like most baby shirts have. It is so much easier to dress him when I don’t have to wrestle his head through a small whole while he’s wriggling around crying.

Both of these outfits were £18.00 each which I think is really reasonable. I have washed both of these outfits and they washed up really well so the quality is great. I will be sharing a little post featuring the third outfit soon and then the larger clothes will be shown on my blog in a couple of months, I can’t wait to see him in his Mac coat!

Have you tried River Island Mini? Where’s your favourite place for baby clothes?


*A collaboration with River Island Mini, all River Island items in this post were gifted to me.