Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Primer

When I had long hair it took so long to dry, I hated doing it so much that I would have rather slept on it wet and dealt with the crazy bed hair in the morning than sit for one minute longer blasting myself with hot air. It’s partly why I cut my hair so short, I was too darn lazy to deal with the length, however I now regret my drastic hair chop even more now that I have the RedKen Pillow Proof Primer* in my life.

I was sent the Pillow Proof Blow Dry Spray Primer last year some time but personally didn’t notice a difference and then I put it away and it got forgotten about. At that time I had my long hair and now I know that I wasn’t actually applying enough product for it to work to it’s full potential. The primer cream suggests using a 50p sized amount and then you run it through the lengths of your hair while it’s still wet. It protects your hair from heat styling up to 230°C, holds a style longer and cuts down blow drying time, it sounds like a dream product but does it actually work?

2 RedKen Pillow Proof Treatment PrimerPIN IT!

Well the answer to that is plain and simple, YES, yes it does. It’s not a “I think it cuts the dry time down” kind of answer, it’s a “Heck yes where has this product been all my life” type answer. At first I thought the amount you apply would make my hair feel greasy, nope not in the slightest. Like I said above, I always opted for sleeping on wet hair rather than blow dry it and even with short hair it took a while, however since using this product, I have timed myself on numerous occasions and it now takes roughly 3 minutes for my hair to be fully dry.

Regarding the holds a style statement, if I ever did blow dry it (very rare) I always dried my hair flipped upside-down over my head to try and create some volume but it worked for about 5 minutes then it would fall flat again. Since using this my hair has some serious va-va-voom on the roots, it’s brilliant. There isn’t any frizziness and the lengths of my hair feel so smooth. Considering I haven’t had my hair cut in a few months it feels in pretty good condition and I can only put it down to this and how much it protects my hair, it’s made it so much stronger.

Finally the scent of these products are unbelievable, so fruity and so fresh, it smells amazing in the bottle and in your hair but it’s not too overpowering. Also, I adore the pink packaging, it’s so pretty and the ombré label on the primer is just a great touch.

3 RedKen Pillow Proof Treatment PrimerPIN IT!

For £17.00 you get 150ml worth of product which doesn’t sound a lot but it’s lasting me so well at the moment. I wash my hair every other day and I use this after every single wash and it feels as though it’s never been used. I’m growing my hair out again as I hate this length on me, I miss my old long hair so much, once it’s grown out again I will be testing the dry time then as well but so far I am totally sold. This suff really does work and I am definitely #redkenready!

Have you tried the Redken Pillow Proof range? What are your thoughts on it?


*PR sample.