George’s 6 Month Update

It’s been a while since I shared any type of update regarding George’s progression so today I thought I would share a little update on how he’s getting on. The month of May seemed to have a lot going on for him, everything happened at once but he’s been amazing through it all. He will be 7 months old at the end of this month, how is that possible? It’s going so quickly but I love all the milestones of their first years.

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We weaned George onto foods when he turned 4 months old. I know some people will start tutting and thinking it’s supposed to be 6 months, however midwives and the government recommend you start weaning at 6 months. As it says on the back of the Ella’s Kitchen packaging, every baby is different and our baby needed more than just milk. He was on 8oz of milk 5-6 times a day by 2.5 months old so we decided to start off with Aptamil baby rice and once he was used to that we slowly introduced Ella’s Kitchen carrot and baby rice. I always wondered how we would know when he needed more than just rice but he let us know, by refusing to eat the rice. We then slowly started introducing the single flavoured puree’s by Ella’s Kitchen and we haven’t looked back since. He loves his food, he eats every last drop and still enjoys roughly 20oz of milk a day.

We chose to use Ella’s Kitchen because it doesn’t include any added sugar, doesn’t contain any preservatives, it’s just healthy food for your baby. I feel comfortable feeding him the food as I know he’s getting everything he needs and he’s always satisfied. As well as the purees, he does eat mash potato, blueberries, raspberries and Kiddylicious wafers. When he went onto puree’s I started giving him finger food so he still gets his hand-eye coordination. Now he’s fully established with his food we do half  where he handles it himself and it’s whole foods and half puree’s. When he’s 7 months we will be giving him our dinners and Ella’s Kitchen smoothies (they taste so amazing, I may sneak a spoonful or two myself every now and again) and their other desserts.

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As teething goes he got his first two bottom teeth together, they came through fully on the 18th May. He was such a champ with teething, we have only needed Calpol three times when they were first cutting through the gums. Otherwise he just cries for about 5 minutes but once he has his dummy back in, he calms down and he’s fine again. He hasn’t had any crying fits in his sleep due to teething, he’s handled it so incredibly well.

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I gave George his first hair cut on my birthday, 20th May, as it just needed a bit of a tidy up. He had a scraggly rats tail at the back and random long wisps here and there so I gave it a little trim and it looks great, if I do say so myself. I’ve given him two now and I find it easier to do it while he naps in the day time.

He sat up on his own unaided for the first time on 26th May and he’s now a pro. He wriggles around, leans all strange directions to collect his toys up. He also very recently rolled over (9th June) from front to back while I was in the park with my friend and her baby. He did it all by himself without any slight nudges and now he does it quite a bit and also the other way too.

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George has been sleeping through the night since he was about 2 months old. He has random cries in his sleep about 2am but he’s not actually awake, he’s whimpering in his sleep but we pop his dummy back in and turn his nightlight back on and he’s fine until 6am when he has a bottle. He then sleeps until about 8-9am. When he turned 6 months we moved him into his own room and into his cot which he had no trouble with at all. His sleep pattern didn’t change and he loves all the space he has in his new cot. Sometimes we let him sleep in our bed after his 6am bottle as I love the snuggles but most of the time we put him back in his room. We sometimes hear him in the mornings, singing away over his monitor, it’s so cute. I recently posted a tour of George’s nursery if you want to see what it looks like. I adore his little space, it’s so cute and perfect for him.

I can’t wait to hear his first words, hear his cute little voice or watch him take his first steps. People always tell me not to wish the time away but that’s not it at all, I’m just saying I can’t wait because I’m impatient not because I want him to hurry up and grow. As milestones go he’s smashing them all. He’s such a happy baby, I love listening to him squeal and his giggle is just the best sound ever. So, for now we are all up to date as far as the little man goes but I shall share another update a little later on in the year.



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  • Kiss & Make-up

    Heeeeeeey, little George really has good hair 😀 Such a cutie.

  • Zoe

    I know I say this all the time but he is adorable, absolutely gorgeous!!! He’s really coming on isn’t he? It doesn’t seem 2 minutes since you had him I can’t believe he’s almost 7 months old, my eldest daughter is 25 in July and it really doesn’t seem 25 years ago since I was awaiting her arrival, time goes way too fast doesn’t it? Looking forward to more updates on your gorgeous little man xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    • Claudia

      Hehe thank you Zoe! I love the age he is at now as he now hugs me back, he puts his arms out to who he wants to hold him, it’s so sweet but I’m so excited for when he talks and I can take him places and to classes, can’t wait!! 🙂 xx