George’s Nursery

One of the most exciting things for me during my pregnancy was decorating a nursery. I said back then how I knew exactly what I wanted for a boy but no idea what I wanted for a girl. It’s been so fun picking different little pieces out and although it’s not exactly how I want it, I still love it and thought I would share George’s Nursery with you all.

You may or may not know that since my brother moved to Malaysia that Brent, George and I have been staying at my Grandpa’s. Just to keep him company now my brother’s gone and to help him with things if he needs it. Since I’m staying at his house, I didn’t want to start banging holes in the wall for George’s pictures or stripping the walls, although no doubt my Grandpa would let me, I don’t want to. I love that George has his own little space, it’s so cute and I’m happy just the way it is.

The wallpaper has green in already so it still looks nice and boyish and I just added blue curtains as it ties the room together. Since the curtains are quite dark, they block out the sun rise so they act as a blackout curtain as well which is great.

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To make the teepee fit, I had to take out two of the poles, the back and right-hand side poles as it’s so big it wouldn’t fit. Once I had done this it fitted perfectly in the gap but it’s just a triangle shape now instead of a square but I think I actually prefer it this way.

We have a rocking chair at my mums house which was supposed to go in his nursery but we haven’t brought it up, however since we are leaving the wardrobe in, it wouldn’t fit in anyway.

Whilst I was pregnant I spent so much time on Pinterest, pinning all the cute nurseries that I found, hunting down items for his room and I absolutely love how his little room turned out, it’s so cute and perfect for George. There’s space for him to play in the teepee and everything fits in so well. All the Beatrix Potter items were presents for George but most of the other bits we bought for him. Once we move out into our own place, which will probably be later this year, we can hang our pictures up and paint the walls how we want them but for now, I am more than happy. We recently bought him the Elephant Slumber Buddy and it casts stars onto the ceiling, the room is the perfect size so that the entire ceiling is lit up and it looks beautiful, he stares up looking at them until he falls asleep and it’s just adorable.

How would you style your child’s nursery?