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Having danced for 15 years of my life I was always slim growing up but I’ve never been confident about my body. Whilst I was pregnant with George I didn’t feel like I had put on that much weight but since I’ve had him, I clearly did and I’m really struggling to shift the extra weight and get a toned body again. When I was asked if I would like to try some products from Exante Diet I said yes straight away as I needed something to get me motivated and kick-start my healthy eating.

I was asked if I had any dietary preferences which I didn’t and what I wanted to achieve, loosing weight, general healthy eating etc and I said a bit of both. I was then sent a box full of goodies, snacks, milkshakes, breakfast, meals, so many things to try! I’ve never been on a diet and I never want to go on one, I just wanted things that were healthier choices for me. Having these products in my cupboards made me eat them instead of binging on junk.

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I recently bought some products from My Protein to get my butt into gear and they have all been helping. I feel better when I eat, less guilty that I’m consuming something that’s not good for me. So, after trying most of the items I was sent I’ve split them into what I would purchase myself and what I would skip.

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I have personally found that healthy snacks and breakfast products are more suitable for me. I have a huge sweet tooth so instead of gorging on junk, I still get my sweet kick but in the shape of something healthier.

I love pancakes and I’ve always wanted to make my own fluffy American style ones and now I can! I have bought the My Protein double chocolate pancake mix but I was also sent two Exante Diet packs in my box. The Maple Syrup Pancakes* and Unflavoured Protein Pancake Mix* were both lovely and I managed to get 4 small pancakes out of each pack. I topped mine off with mainly blueberries, strawberries, sugar-free maple syrup and fat-free yoghurt. They offer a lot of different pancakes so make sure to check those out here.

I loved the Choco Ballsthey were delicious and although they had a lowish calorie count they had a lot of sugar in. Other nice snacks included the Salt & Vinegar Protein Chipsand one of my favourites, Raspberry White Chocolate Chip Bar* they were both so nice and the bar I ate in seconds. I don’t like having a shake as a meal replacement, I think you should always eat three proper meals a day, however if I was in-between meals I liked having a shake when I got a little bit peckish. There are plenty of flavoured shakes* to choose from on the site but the Strawberry one was my favourite and they are packed full of vitamins and minerals. I can be fussy with shakes because sometimes they don’t mix properly and they are lumpy but these were so much better than the My Protein shakes.

As for actual meals go the Curried Sweet Potato Soup* was really nice, I knew I’d like it as I love sweet potato however I feel it would have been even better if it had chunky vegetables in as well. Just felt like it needed something chunky in it.

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Personally, I don’t like microwave meals at all. Growing up I ate them all the time as they were all I had time for before or after my dance classes and I’ve been put off them. But I did try one of them, the Chip Shop Chicken Curry* was delicious but there just wasn’t a lot there and so I was hungry within 15 minutes. I gave the other two to Brent and he liked them so it’s just personal preference with these. A couple of the snacks I would miss such as the Chocolate Coconut Bar* and Protein Wafer* as they just tasted bland. It seems that chocolate is always hard to get right in terms of making it healthy as it never tastes like chocolate. The Gooey Chocolate Pudding* was a complete fail, I followed the instructions but it just turned out to be a solid lump that did not taste nice at all, but that possibly could be down to me, I’m not the greatest cook at the best of times.

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Overall I got a good selection of stuff and I liked the majority of it. Like I said above, I personally would just replace snacks with the Exante Diet products and also the shakes too, pair them with generally eating better and exercise, but that’s what suits me best. They have plenty of deals to choose from if you’re into replacing everything with Exante Diet products and they have a lot of choices for dinners, lunches and snacks if you just want to try one here and there.

Out of everything though, the best product was definitely the pancakes, all you need to do is add water and you’ve made a nice healthy breakfast in under 10 minutes. Obviously the raspberry white chocolate chip bar as well, that was so yummy and I’m craving one right now! If you’re interested in trying Exante Diet make sure you check them out, you’re bound to find something you like.

What’s your favourite healthy food?


*All items in this post were gifted PR samples, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.