H&M Tickled Pink

Who else remembers my unhealthy obsession with the Maybelline SuperStay 7 Day Nail Polishes? I loved them so much I began a mission to try and own every single shade, however I soon discovered a new nail polish brand that has near enough taken over and replaced that obsession. The new nail polishes are from H&M and they are pretty impressive.

2 H&M Tickled Pink Nail PolishPIN IT!

I’ve tried a fair bit from H&M now, some I have reviewed here the other bits I still need to write about but so far I am yet to find a product that I’ve been disappointed with. I’ve been obsessed with Plum Fool for a while now (review coming soon) and I knew I wanted to try more from them. They have such a wide range of colours and glitters to choose from, it’s pretty impressive, they have every shade imaginable, which does make picking a shade rather tricky.

3 H&M Tickled Pink Nail PolishPIN IT!

I’ve always wanted a vivid pink shade and when I bought this I did not expect it to be such a beautiful opaque bold shade, I love it. I would describe Tickled Pink as a typical Barbie bubblegum, borderline neon pink shade. It’s bright, it’s bold and it’s beautiful. With just one coat it looked stunning but I always like to apply two shades just to ensure maximum coverage and boldness. It applies beautifully, easy gloop-free strokes that didn’t streak or go patchy, very easily to build up the colours intensity.

4-5 H&M Tickled Pink Nail PolishPIN IT!

It’s such a hard shade to pick up on camera, the photographs really don’t do it justice as it looks bolder and more neon in person, I can’t rave about it enough. It’s the perfect summer shade and will look even more beautiful with a glowing holiday tan – which I won’t be having this year unfortunately.

I decided to try the H&M Clear Top Coat to just see how it matches up to the Maybelline version. The dry time for both polishes is just so quick and even without the top coat, the finish is so glossy and shiny. I feel the formula of these products, application wise, are spot on. The longevity of this shade was about two days, which isn’t that great but the colour it is so pretty I don’t really mind. It seems that lighter shades don’t last as long as darker colours. I have Plum Fool also from H&M and it lasted over a week so longevity really depends on the colours. Saying that, I still think this colour is definitely one to add to your collection.

6 - H&M Tickled Pink Nail PolishPIN IT!

I think it’s pretty clear how much I love this shade and although I knew I wanted to try more before I tried Tickled Pink I am now even more determined to try them and it’s safe to say they have overtaken the Maybelline ones. They are both brilliant and offer exceptional results, however I just love how many shades H&M have to offer. I’m now after a lavender/lilac shade and I’m certain they will have exactly what I want available.

These nail polishes are just £3.99 so slightly cheaper than the Maybelline ones that cost £4.49 and the H&M top coat costing £4.99. I think they are worth every penny and I want to wear this colour for the rest of my life, exaggeration of course, maybe just the next four years!

Which is your favourite nail brand? Have you tried any H&M nail polishes?