Olympus Pen Accessories

Unlike other brands, Olympus are not only providing amazing high-tech cameras, they are supplying us with beautiful leather goods in order to look fashionable whilst using our beautiful cameras. Today I am sharing two pretty accessories with you that are perfect for Summer and obviously for keeping your camera safe.

My Olympus Pen E-PL7  very quickly became my best friend. I used to use a Canon 600D (and sometimes still do) for my pictures and my friend Hayley – who works for Olympus, would always tell me how good Olympus cameras were but I was all “I have a Canon I don’t need another camera.” All of a sudden a new camera came on the market, the Olympus Pen E-PL7 and the blogging world went crazy. Like most things in the blogging world, everyone felt the need to own this sparkly new camera and I was one of them. I’d seen the beautiful shots it could take, it was the most Instagrammable – that’s a word right 😉 camera I had ever seen. The power of social media well and truly took over and I just had to have it. All I can say is, I wish I’d listen to Hayley sooner, this camera is worth every penny and all the hype surrounding it. I will be writing a full review on the camera soon so keep checking back for that.

2 Olympus Pen AccessoriesPIN IT! 3 Olympus Pen AccessoriesPIN IT! 4 Olympus Pen AccessoriesPIN IT!

I was lucky enough to receive two beautiful hand straps, Strawberry Kissesand Peach Blossom Love* both are made from genuine leather, a nice thin strap that isn’t too thick and chunky. I love the stitching detailing and the subtle Olympus branding, not too in your face. They are simple to attach, I just thread mine through the loop that’s already on the camera.

I love Peach Blossom it’s such a pretty bright orange and suits the cream on the camera very well. Strawberry Kisses is also very pretty and I would describe it as a fuchsia pink. Both will look lovely in the summertime.

5 Olympus Pen AccessoriesPIN IT!1 Olympus Pen AccessoriesPIN IT!

The straps are £14.99 each which I think is a total bargain for real leather and a good quality product. The hand straps come in a total of seven different shades, a good variety of neutral and brighter shades. Just look at those bright vibrant colours, so pretty.

Another beautiful accessory that Olympus have to offer is the Black Shoulder Bag, not only is the bag a simple and sleek design, it’s big enough for your camera, an extra lens and you phone which is pretty much all I need in a bag. Oh and did I mention that the bag strap can be detached and used as a camera strap as well? That will set you back £79.99 but again, it’s made from genuine leather and just looks so cute. I’ve seen other bloggers with this bag and lets face it, I was pretty much sold the moment I saw them using it.

I’ve only had my Olympus for a couple of months and I’m still getting to know it but I have to say it’s now my firm favourite when it comes to choosing a camera for taking not only blog photos but general day to day shots such as pictures of George, but more on the wonders of the Olympus Pen in another post.

Which hand strap is your favourite?


*This post contains PR samples.