Getting Summer Ready

The weather recently has just been lovely where I live, I’ve had my sunglasses on and have been able to leave the house without my coat, it’s a great feeling that Summer is finally rolling back around. Getting Summer ready only means one thing, sorting out the hairy beasts that are my legs and getting them ready so my fresh hair-free pins can be on show.

I’ve tried and tested a lot of different products over the years, if I could afford laser hair removal treatment I would totally opt for that but for now I will have to stick to just doing it myself. Waxing scares the life out of me, I can’t even do it properly myself because I flinch too much so I highly doubt I could let anyone else near me, unless they don’t mind getting a kick in the face that is.

So after trying many different things, I have finally found the perfect products that give me some seriously smooth pins, so smooth I keep stroking my own legs….I swear that’s normal….

2 Getting ready for summerPIN IT!

To prep my legs for shaving I always use a body scrub first. This gets rid of any dry skin, brings up any ingrown hairs and ensures a smoother closer shave. There are plenty on the market however my ultimate favourite to use it the Garnier Body Oil Beauty Nourishing Scrub, not only does it smell incredible but it’s not too abrasive and the oil really nourishes the skin leaving it super soft.

Next it’s time for shaving foam, now I’ve heard you can use conditioner, that apparently works well but after trying a lot of different shaving foams, the Gillette Satin Care Olay Violet Swirl if my new favourite as it foams up brilliantly, smells fab and leaves my skin so incredibly smooth. Paired with the disposable Gillette Venus Razor (I never bother with the expensive ones, these work just as well) but after trying so many different brands of razors, this is the one that doesn’t rip my legs to shreds, I never get any ingrown hairs with it and paired with the shaving foam, I get such a close smooth shave.

Finally, you should always moisturise after a shower or bath regardless of whether you sort yourself out or not. I have loads of different body creams but my favourite at the moment is the Japanese Camellia Creamas it’s just the perfect ending to this routine. I can’t even describe this scent it’s just incredible, smell is clearly very important to me, but the formula is perfect. It sinks into the skin so well without leaving a greasy residue and it then keeps my legs hydrated and soft for so long, it’s brilliant.

Finding the right products that work for you can sometimes be a chore, after testing so many I have finally found the perfect products that work for me and urge you to give them a try as well, you never know, they may work wonders for you as well!

Have you tried any of these products? Which is your favourite shaving product?


*A PR sample is included in this post.