DIY Gold Letter Tray

I knew when I moved house that I would be able to have a separate desk and vanity instead of using my vanity for both. Since I do now have the space, I’m able to decorate it exactly how I have always wanted too. I will be writing about my desk space soon, giving you a closer look into the bits and bobs I have but today I want to share a super quick and easy DIY to take your plain, simple silver letter trays to a beautiful gold.

I was always obsessed with marble but for some reason I have recently become crazy obsessed with gold desk items. Notebooks, candles, scissors you name it, if it’s gold I want it. Unfortunately with the copper trend happening at the moment, gold is quite hard to come by now which is a little frustrating.

With my little business PaperChicCo picking up, I was worried that I would misplace an invoice and someone wouldn’t get their order so I bought two simple silver mesh letter trays from Wilkinson, similar to these here. This way I could put new orders on the top and once complete, I’d move them to the bottom tray. Since everything else is gold, I didn’t want silver, so Brent suggested spray painting them. So off we went and bought the Marabu Do-It Colorspray in Gold, the metallic version not the high gloss.

I then just laid down some big bin bags to cover the floor and got spraying. I only really needed one coat but I did two just in case and then any extra bits that looked as though it needed more coverage. It dries so quickly with just a little bit of transfer but that will dry completely within a couple of days. I am so pleased with the results, I absolutely love it!

4 DIY Gold Letter TrayPIN IT!3 DIY Gold Letter TrayPIN IT!PIN IT!If you want to try this DIY for yourself, I have a couple of tips.

  • If you buy this exact spray paint that I used, you don’t need a black as a base coat. I bought mine from a local artist shop and we were told it wouldn’t work if we didn’t have the black, I tried with just the gold on it’s own anyway and it worked beautifully. (They are now refusing to take the black unused paint back) This spray paint can be used on paper, wood, metal, ceramic, glass and solvent-resistant plastic. I also spray painted a glass jar and ceramic coaster and they both came out perfectly.
  • They also said I would need to use a wire cloth to sand it down, I also skipped this and it turned out brilliantly.
  • Do it in good light. I did mine at night and kept missing patches when I checked it out in the kitchen. I would have saved a lot of time if I had waited and done it in the day time.

I did try and Google gold letter trays and the only result I found was one tray for £15. These two trays cost me £12.65 all together, £2.75 per letter tray and £7.15 for the paint, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

What do you think? Are you going to try this DIY?