Bioderma Wipes

Bioderma is probably one of the beauty industries favourite skincare brands, especially when it comes to their removable products. The Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Water took the blogging world by storm a couple of years ago and I too jumped on that band wagon without a second thought. For someone who suffers with dry, dehydrated and sometimes sensitive skin, it’s a brand I have welcomed with opened arms.

When given the opportunity to try their new Bioderma Sensibio H20 wipes* I just couldn’t resist, I’ve owned and finished roughly 4 bottles of the micellar waters, I had to see if these were just as good. The wipes have been available in the USA for a while now, however they have only just ventured over the pond so we can finally get testing.

This line is perfect for sensitive skin as it cleanses and soothes without irritating the skins surface. The line is paraben-free and hypoallergenic, perfect for my skin type.

2 Bioderma WipesPIN IT!

I know makeup remover wipes are a bit controversial, some people hate them and swear they ruin your skin, other people love them. I am the latter, I love to start my makeup removing process with a wipe first and then continue on with the rest of my routine so it’s needless to say, I use wipes every time I wear makeup. The Bioderma packet contain 25 wipes which is always a bit frustrating, 30 would be perfect because at least you pretty much have a full months worth most of the time but now I’m just nitpicking.

The wipes in general are just excellent. They are quite thick so they don’t fall apart with excessive rubbing, the wetness (I really don’t want to say moist….*shudders*) is brilliant also with them being not too wet and not too dry, dry wipes are pointless wipes. And finally they remove my makeup so well. As I said, I do follow up with more products to ensure every bit of makeup has been removed but for the most part, these do a fantastic job! Sadly I can’t report on removing waterproof makeup as I don’t have an waterproof mascaras to test it on at the moment but I can tell you that these didn’t cause any irritation, redness or drying at all.

For £7.00 they are a pretty pricey pack of wipes but I would happily buy them over and over for a product that is as great as these, I will be sad to see them finish but luckily, they are exclusive to Escentual so don’t panic, they are readily available.

Have you tried the Bioderma Sensibio H20 wipes? What are your thoughts on them?


*PR sample