Project Life Haul – George’s Album

I knew as soon as I found out I was pregnant that I wanted to start a separate Project Life album for the new arrival. Once George arrived I couldn’t decide which album to go for, I didn’t want a huge 12×12 as I wasn’t sure I would be able to fill it up but them the 6×8 just didn’t seem big enough and in the UK Project Life products are really hard to come by. In the end I did settle with the 12×12 as I’ve decided that I will just fit in as many years as I can, if I don’t fill it with just his first year that is. I thought it would be nice to post a little haul on what I picked up as some of the cards are so beautiful.

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Baby Boy Strip Album – £24.99 / link
Ideally I wanted a leather album in either plain black, grey or light blue however all those shades were always out of stock so I chose this one as that’s pretty much all they had at the time. Saying that though, I am thrilled with this one, it has beautiful colours and I’m really glad I chose it. I am worried that it will get marked easily but I will just have to be extra careful with it.

Photo Pocket Pages – Design K / link & Small Variety Pack 4 / link – £6.99 each.

For this album I want to include more Instagram/square pictures as I love the way it looks so I ordered two packs of different photo pocket pages.

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Me & My Big Ideas Baby Boy Stickers – £2.49 / link

These are not what I expected as they are plastic stickers and not paper ones but I’m sure I can make them work. They are cute and I love the little sayings on them.

Baby Boy 4×4 Cards – £2.99 / link

I bought these purely to show on the front page. I can use normal 6×4 cards and just cut them down but I wanted some special ones for the front page. There are 12 cards in total with 8 being double sided and 4 single sided, I love the designs on them, they are so lovely.

Baby Boy Cards – £3.99 / link

I’m not quite sure why I got these as I bought the large kit but I do like these designs a lot, they are lovely and it’s nice to have a few different ones to throw in here and there. All these cards are single sided which is good as I won’t loose a side with these. Double sided ones can be tricky if they don’t fit your spread and you can end up covering up a pretty design sometimes.

Slate Edition Dividers – £7.99 / link

These are the only things I’m not too happy with. They sell lots of things specifically for baby boy and baby girl but they don’t have any dividers to match that. The set I did want was the Midnight Edition but they have been out of stock for so long now. I would like the dividers in my album but for George I wanted dividers that were similar in colour and not so mis-matched. I might put these aside and hold out for the Midnight ones, I just love the grey on them.

4 Project Life Haul - George's AlbumPIN IT!Baby Boy Core Kit – £29.95 / link

adore this core kit, it is beautiful. The colours are lovely and soft and the sayings are so cute. The kit contains 616 cards, in both 6×4 and 3×4 and 16 of these are single sided for use in your first or last page, the rest are all double sided. The attention to detail on these cards is just brilliant and perfect for any parent that wants to document their child’s first year. There are cards for every month to jot down their achievements that month, monthly stat cards to keep track of their heigh, weight etc, a “Your name” card which I have written who he’s named after and also an “Other names we considered” card which is a nice touch. My favourite part though is that it includes cards about mums pregnancy journey/symptoms and “All about mum/dad” to describe their height, full name, features etc and my favourite, “How Mum & Dad Met” card which is just so sweet. Although the album will probably be made more for Brent and I and not George, it will be lovely for him to look through and read when he’s old enough.

Becky Higgins Project Life never fails to impress me. Yes it’s expensive but you can choose how you style and format your album, you don’t need all the add-ons if you don’t want them. It’s such a great way to store memories and I can’t wait to share George’s album with you. I will post updates on my progress as with my own family album too (which I’m so behind on) but I wanted to share this great idea with you and give you inspiration if you’re pregnant or recently had a baby, or even if you’ve already had children and just want to start one as the albums are such a creative and imaginative way to store memories.

Will you be starting Project Life?