No7 Makeup

No7 is a brand that I have always known about, when I worked at Boots 6 years ago I was even on the No7 counter yet I never really tried a lot from the brand. A few products here and there but I never took much notice and to be honest I thought it was aimed more at the “maturer” ladies however I feel that has definitely changed in the past year or so. Their makeup has branched out and they now offer everything from highlighting sticks to, what I think, is a dupe of the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks.

In a previous post, No7 to the Rescue, I told of my problems regarding my skin. After a drug reaction my skin was left super sensitive and all my makeup was causing my skin to flare up and become red, angry and itchy again, not to mention my eyes were swelling up with the tiniest swoop of mascara. So I turned to a brand that I knew wouldn’t disappoint me. Being hypoallergenic, I knew No7 would be a lot less likely to cause a reaction and I was right…luckily!

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Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation

I chose this foundation because I love light but buildable coverage and this one was the one that stood out to me the most. The shade Calico is a perfect match for my skin tone. I’ve been using this for a while now and I must say it’s just brilliant! It covers my redness and blemishes even with just one layer, but it’s definitely buildable if needed. It offers a gorgeous dewy finish that feels lightweight and hydrating, perfect for my dry skin. I instantly came to the realisation that this foundation, to me, is a dupe for the Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua which I have used before and loved, for a fraction of the price, this one I’d say is just as good.

Velvet Lash Mascara

I mentioned how my eyes were swelling up and becoming extremely irritated when using other mascaras and I’ve given my first impressions in the No7 to the Rescue post, however I can fully report that this mascara is just excellent. Not only does it give full looking lashes that hold a curl all day, the formula doesn’t irritate my eyes at all, I haven’t had any trouble with them since using this.

Intense Volume Mascara

This mascara I have only used a couple of times as I just love the Velvet Lash one, but I can say, although it doesn’t leave me with super voluptuous lashes (which is strange since it’s called Intense Volume) it doesn’t irritate my eyes either and it does hold a curl nicely. A good mascara for the more relaxed, natural days.


This beautiful shimmery purple shade is available in their Forest Fruits Trio and can easily be worn all over the eyelid for a soft subtle smokey eye. It doesn’t crease or have any fall out, it also lasts really well. The formula is so soft and blends out really evenly.

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Shimmer Palette Rose

This is the product that looks like the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks which I also have previously owned and loved. The colour of this blush is just stunning but does provide a lot of shimmer. If matte blushers are more your choice then this probably isn’t for you. Yes I did make a dent with my nail as the powder is so soft and buttery and applies onto the skin beautifully. I love the rose gold packaging and in my eyes this is just as good as the Bobbi Brown one. You can use the shades separately or swirl them altogether which is what I do and it creates a beautiful golden glow.

Skin Illuminator

I’ve only used this product a couple of times but I can already tell I’m going to love it. You can wear it as a primer under your makeup, mixed in with your foundation or as a highlighter once your makeup is complete. I’ve used it as a primer a couple of times and it just offers a beautiful soft healthy glow to the skin. This travel size is such a good amount, plenty to see if I want to purchase the full size or not.

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No7 offer such great quality products that are good for your skin at such a reasonable prices, I think it’s safe to say that I will definitely be buying more from them in the future and that it most definitely is not aimed at the more mature ladies, not anymore anyway.

Which products would you recommend?