How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

I ran a poll on Twitter recently asking if people would like to see a post on how I edit my blog photographs (coming soon) so I decided to write one about how I edit my Instagram pictures as well. I definitely don’t see myself in a position to be giving tips, this is just how I do it and if it helps you, that’s great!

Sometimes I take my photographs on my Canon and then send them to myself so the quality is better but since I upgraded to an iPhone 6S, I hardly ever need to do this anymore as the camera is so brilliant. But taking bulk photographs on another camera (if you have one) is really handy. I don’t just randomly take images of anything in bulk, they are usually ones that will be promoting future blog posts.

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures - 2PIN IT!The first thing I do for every photograph is up the brightness and the exposure. I do this until the image is nice and bright. Sometimes I need to up the brightness fully to 100, other times I only need to do it a bit. This is also personal preference on how bright you like your image to be.

Next I always sharpen the image, this I only do a little bit usually keeping it less than 20 as I don’t want the image to look too over edited and too much makes the image grainy. This just makes the image a little more crisp and clear.

Finally, sometimes I use the structure feature but not always, this makes the colours in the images a little deeper. If I use this, I usually keep it to under 25 as I don’t want the colours to look too overdone.

I very rarely use a filter and if I do, I only use Willow to turn my image black and white. I like this one as it doesn’t make the photo too dark and it gives skin an airbrushed effect (who doesn’t love that?!)

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures - 6PIN IT!This image was taken with my phone and you can see the after picture is slightly brighter and more crisp and the colours are less dark and dull.

How I edit my instagram photosPIN IT!This image of my Olympus Pen was taken on my Canon 600D camera and once in Instagram I upped the brightness and exposure both to the maximum of 100 and then sharpened the image a tiny bit. I love how this one turned out.

givenchy-before-and-after-shotPIN IT!This image was taken with my Olympus Pen E-PL7 camera, I upped the brightness and saturation slightly, structured it a little and then finally sharpened it a tiny amount, love the end result of this one too.

It’s amazing how a little bit of editing can transform an image, uploading photographs to Instagram is one of my most favourite things, I love that app, editing photos in general is fun for me! If you don’t already, make sure to follow me over on Instagram  and leave your Instagram handles below! I hope you found this little post helpful.

How do you edit your Instagram snaps?