DIY Craft Projects For Your Home

A little while back I was contacted by Christy  and asked if I would like to take part in a craft project. I love DIY projects and getting crafty, looking at the end results always makes me happy and proud and so I of course said yes. I decided to create 4 different things for this project and can’t wait to share them with you.

Every year Harlequin and Christy collaborate and turn Harlequins amazing wallpaper designs into pretty quality towels . I was asked to choose a wallpaper design by Harlequin as this is the product that the craft project is centred around and was also sent the towels in the same design by Christy. I chose the Nalina  design from the Amazilia  collection. A lovely turquoise background with gold flower detailing, it’s extremely pretty and very versatile with different colours. The towels are excellent quality and so soft!


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I knew I wanted to use the wallpaper in a picture frame so all I did was measure it out, cut it to size and pop it in the frame. So simple yet very effective. My mum loved this so I placed one of my frames in her room. She’s also asked me to do the same thing to three other frames! The colours in the wallpaper go perfectly with the light blue shade my mum has in her room.


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The same as project one however I attached some photographs on this one. I just used the sticky photograph corners and popped in the images I had printed off from the Cheerz  app – by the way, incredible quality images and super quick delivery! I love the end result of this project, the white polaroid style photographs really pop on the pretty background. When I have my own home, I will be hanging this in the hallway.


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This one is so easy but again, looks cute! I just traced around the wooden G letter that I had and then stuck it to plain white card. I added his full name and date of birth, in my shoddy handwriting I might add, but I love the personal touch to this. Next time I would get someone with nicer handwriting to write on it though!


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This is another photograph based design, I cut out a 12×12 piece and used it as a background in my Project Life folder. I then used the same sticky photograph corners to attach some more cute pictures of George. I know most people don’t do Project Life but it could be used in a normal photo album as well.

This little craft project was so much fun to do, who knew there are so many different uses for wallpaper!? You can also use it as wrapping paper like my brother did this past Christmas, he didn’t know it was wallpaper and everyone was wondering why it was so thick until my Grandpa said it was wallpaper – haha.

Have you created any DIY projects recently?


*The wallpaper & towels were sent to me by Christy for the purpose of this project. All DIY ideas were my own.