iPhone 6S Case

I recently upgraded to the new iPhone 6S and I have been so excited about this that I bought a new case before I even had the phone.  I love the case I chose and it’s such a bargain so I thought I would share it with you.

I’m usually behind with my phone, when the 4S came out I still had the 3GS, when the 6 came out I had the 4S and so on, so to be able to be up to date when my upgrade was due was great. And  I managed to bag an incredible deal! I opted for the gold colour as my 5S was silver and although I loved it in that style of phone, the gold looked more appealing to me in the 6S. When I was upgrading the lady asked “Sure you don’t want rose gold?” and although it’s pretty, I can see myself getting bored of it after a while (also when I next upgrade Brent will have this phone and he would not be happy with Rose Gold), the gold I just love and think the case really compliments it.

2 iPhone 6S CasePIN IT! 3 iPhone 6S CasePIN IT!

I found this case on eBay, where I find all my amazing cases, and for £1.99 and free shipping I just couldn’t say no. The Damask Case  comes in black, white or gold however I chose white as I feel it suits the gold better. I’ve already received quite a few compliments on it and I haven’t had it that long.

I have to add, the 6S is an amazing phone. It is pretty big but it’s not bulky and the camera is amazing! I’m so pleased with the phone and the case. I do have my eye on a marble case as well but for now I am happy with my bargain.

Where’s your favourite store to buy phone cases from?