FREE Desktop Wallpapers

Since Photoshop came back into my life I spend 90% of my free time on it. Playing around with different brushes and making different things, I’m trying to get back the knack that I once had when I was 15. I wanted to learn how to make a marble effect which turned into making my own wallpaper calendar. I then got carried away with designs and decided to share these all with you. I hope you like them!

2 Free Desktop wallpaperPIN IT!1 Free Desktop wallpaperPIN IT!Blogger DesktopBlogger Desktop Wallpaper – 1920×1200February Marble CalendarFebruary Marble Wallpaper – 1920×1200 Peach Watercolour - FEBFebruary Peach Watercolour Wallpaper – 1920×1200Pink Watercolour -FEBFebruary Pink Watercolour Wallpaper – 1920×1200Pink Paintbrush - FEBFebruary Pink Paintbrush Wallpaper – 1920×1200Plain White - FEBFebruary White Wallpaper – 1920×1200PIN IT!

Let me know which wallpaper you downloaded and check back next month for March wallpapers!