Another LUSH Haul

You may have seen my Boxing Day LUSH Haul  and I mentioned how I had another LUSH haul sitting at home, well here it is. Brent bought me a selection of goodies for Christmas and here’s what I picked up.

2 Another LUSH HaulPIN IT!

I chose a couple of favourites that I have used before, Candy Mountain, Intergalactic, Cinders  and Luxury Lush Pud. I then picked up a couple of products I hadn’t tried before, The Comforter  bubble bar smells amazing and I don’t think I’ve tried it before…I’ve lost track! I also picked up the Yog Nog  bath bomb because I’ve never tried it before and I’m running out of new products to try.

Two products I have wanted to get my hands on for a while now are the Salted Coconut  hand scrub and Cup O’ Coffee  face mask. I love body scrubs and used to use my St Ives face scrub on my hands because I could never find a hand scrub anywhere, until now. It smells amazing and it leaves your hands feeling incredibly soft. The face mask just sounds lovely and just what I need. It contains Kaolin which cleanses deep into the pores and the ground coffee gently scrubs off any dead skin. I haven’t used the face mask yet as my skin is still a little sensitive since I had my drug reaction but I will be using it really soon, I can’t wait to try it.

Have you tried any of these items? What did you think of them?