Christmas 2015

Christmas has always been my favourite holiday and this year was extra special. Although George was only 4 weeks at the time, spending our first Christmas together as a little family was still exciting and we couldn’t wait. Like every year, we are staying at my Grandpa’s house for the whole week and everyone is so happy to have Baby G here.

We didn’t get George a lot this year as he’s still so young. Next Christmas he would have just turned one so we can spoil him then. Although he still got spoilt by family members this year, it’s hard not to!

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We had the usual Christmas, lots of food and laughs around the dinner table, presents once we had eaten and then Brent and I went to his mum’s house in the evening. It was a lovely day if a little hectic. However, for Brent and I, the best part about this Christmas was that George smiled for the first time on Christmas morning. Brent was trying to show me and I kept saying “It’s just wind” but all day Brent kept trying to get him to smile again, and then George wouldn’t stop (and no it’s not wind.) He has such a beautiful smile, I love the photograph above so much, he’s just so perfect. I love that his first milestone happened on Christmas Day, it made our Christmas that little bit more special.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Here’s to the New Year!