H&M Beauty Face Masks

In a recent H&M Beauty Haul I mentioned that they now sold a huge range of H&M Beauty face masks. I picked up a couple and promised reviews on the two I had purchased. I have only used these twice as they are a small 10ml pot so this is more like a first impressions post.

Charcoal & Volcanic Soil

I was so intrigued by this mask, anything with charcoal in I want to try but volcanic soil?! It’s an odd ingredient. This mask is a medium consistency with very fine particles to it. I applied it all over my face and left it for 10 minutes. Once it started to crack on my skin I washed it and my face was smooth and felt refreshed. I didn’t notice an instant difference in my skin and the fine particles didn’t play a part in scrubbing away any dead skin, they just seemed to disappear. What I did notice however is that for the following two days after using it, my skin had a little purge and all the pesky blemishes sitting under the skin came to the surface. Throughout pregnancy, my skin has been in pretty good shape so I didn’t have very many at all, I wouldn’t recommend using this before a big event or fun-filled weekend! I used this 10ml pot twice however I could have easily had three full face mask uses out of it. The one downside is that the lid has to peeled off and once opened I had to store it in an airtight bag so it didn’t dry up. Make the lid into a snap shut one that pops into place and you’re onto a winner. I did really like this mask as it cleared my skin up a bit, it didn’t do wanders but for £1.99 it’s pretty impressive.

Coconut Water

This face mask is aimed at dry skinned peeps and contains shea and cocoa butter, my two favourite ingredients when using a moisturising face mask. This mask was a little thicker in consistency and smelt amazing, as soon as I opened it the scent of coconut wafted out. I applied this all over my face and left it for 10 minutes until it had dried clear. Be careful not to apply it too close to your eyes, it made my eyes sting and water a little and had to take off what was closest to my eyes but once I had removed it they were fine, they are very sensitive so just bare that in mind. Once I had washed it all off my skin felt so amazing, so soft and smooth and didn’t feel tight or dry in the slightest. This mask is definitely my favourite out of the two, I can see it being a staple in my skincare for when my skin needs a good moisture boost. This was also £1.99 and I managed three full face applications, amazing little tubs!

I recently reviewed some bits from their new makeup range as well, H&M Beauty Reviews, they have some fab products and I can’t wait to try more from them!

Have you tried any of the new H&M masks? Which would you recommend?