George’s Nursery Décor

I always knew how I wanted to decorate our babies nursery if he was a boy, for a girl I had no idea but I knew exactly what I wanted for our little boy. Safari theme, animal toys, neutral cream and brown shades with a pop of blue here and there, I couldn’t wait to decorate. I wanted to share with you the space we have so far.

Since George will be in our room for the first few months, then we will move bedrooms and he will have our old room so we can’t fully get to work on his nursery. However I do want to have certain sections that are decorated for him. It’s so fun finding little bits just for his bedroom, adding a few DIY touches here and there.

IMG_4090PIN IT!This gorgeous personalised artwork is from I Just Love It* and I really do, it’s so cute and the quality is just amazing. I chose the jungle theme on a blue background and opted for just a simple personalization. It comes already framed in this lovely solid ash frame, for £42.99 the quality of the artwork and the frame is just brilliant. I love the design and the colours are so pretty, it fits in with the decor so well and looks lovely on the shelf. They also have a fairy version on a pink background and it’s beautiful, definitely want to get one for when I have a girl.

IMG_4079PIN IT! I love the look of the freestanding letters but some are just so pricey and you can never tell the true colour until you see it in person. I stumbled across The Wooden Letters Company and decided to just buy an unpainted one and use a Dulux paint sampler to paint it. After three coats, I am so happy with it, it cost half the price of one already painted and I love the way it turned out.

IMG_4081PIN IT!Finally, other little bits that are on his shelf at the moment are this gorgeous gold polka dotted giraffe which I bought from Asda Home and the little turtle is from Colchester Zoo. The Fairytales book is from WHSmith, Brent reads a different story to him every Sunday, it’s so sweet.

We have other bits and bobs for him but we won’t be able to have them out until he has his separate room but I’m so pleased with the bits we have so far. Can’t wait for him to be old enough to have his own little space, we even have a teepee waiting waiting to be put up!

Where’s your favourite place to buy nursery décor?


*PR sample