Welcome to the World


Our beautiful baby boy was born on Saturday 28th November 2015 at 9.07pm weighing 9lbs.

2 Welcome to the World.JPGPIN IT! 3 Welcome to the World.JPGPIN IT!You probably all guessed his name would be George, G is now his nickname. We chose George after my Grandpa who is like a dad to me. His middle name is Alexander, after Brent’s identical twin brother. Finding out his gender early on was perfect for us as we felt as though we already knew him, and already had a connection. Instead of the surprise “It is a boy? Is it a girl?” We had the excitement of, “We can’t wait to meet our son George.”

Little baby GΒ is doing very well, such a good well behaved baby that barely cries. If he does get restless we play Bright by Echosmith and he stops instantly. We used to play it to him when he was just a bump and always wriggled around so he must recognise it, I like to think so anyway.

I wasn’t planning to but I might write a blog post sharing my birthing story as it’s been quite a ride and someone might find it helpful.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on Instagram or Tweeted me, we’ve loved reading all the comments and I’ve tried to reply to everyone, so sorry if I missed anyone. Thank you once again, it means so much to us.

Lots of love