Pregnancy Update – 40 Weeks

I was really hoping I wouldn’t be writing this post but here I am, 40 weeks pregnant and no baby to show off just yet. From 37 weeks I have had every single symptom that labour is on it’s way but he’s not here just yet.

I have another midwife appointment on Friday and then if he’s not here after that I will be going into hospital to be induced on the 1st December. Since I’ve had so many symptoms and he’s been engaged for over a month, we were convinced he was going to be early but he’s being a little rascal and wants to just stay put a little longer. A couple of nights ago I had braxton hicks with some cramping every 20 minutes for 12 hours so naturally we got our hopes up and thought he was on his way, however come the morning they stopped. I wasn’t getting fed up until that happened, we got so excited thinking we were finally going to meet him but still haven’t. I know he will be here very soon though.

How far along? 40 weeks.

Total weight gain: As mentioned in my other post I have stopped weighing myself and have lost count.

Stretch marks? Still none on my bump or boobs and I feel very lucky.

Movement? He is very wriggly, constantly moving and poking me in the ribs/hips which is very reassuring.

Labour signs? Signs that labour is on is way have made an appearance since 37 weeks, backache, cramps and other not so pleasant things.

Sleep? Pretty horrendous still. I’m still waking up every time I have to turn over which includes a lot of whimpering and huffing and puffing because it’s such a big effort now. Last night was the worst nights sleep I have had during pregnancy. I was suffering with really bad heartburn that a Gaviscon kicked for about an hour then it came back with vengeance. When I was lying down I felt really sick so I had to have a glass of milk and sleep propped up. Now I have neck ache and I’m super tired, but not long left! I don’t mind waking up to feed my baby, waking up in pain is horrible.

Who knows when I will be writing my post sharing his name and photograph, hopefully it won’t be too long now. Brent and I are off to town now to grab a Starbucks and wander around the shops, it will probably be the last time just the two of us, and hopefully the exercise will kick-start labour! Come along baby G, we are more than ready for you now!!