Pregnancy | 31 – 38 Weeks

I haven’t written a pregnancy update in a long time as nothing has really changed. Midwife appointments and organising G’s things is all that’s been happening. I am 38 weeks today and it’s such a relief knowing the end is in sight now. I love that I could have him at any moment but the wait is some what tedious now.

I’ve been very lucky with my first pregnancy with only one blip at 27 weeks, otherwise it’s been a breeze and straightforward. Since 36 weeks, things have been getting very uncomfortable, constant backache, pain in my pelvis and hips, even my knees have been aching. I’ve also had cramps, waves of nausea and braxton hicks like there’s no tomorrow, just my body getting ready for the big day.

How far along? 38 weeks.

Total weight gain: Actually have no idea now, I stopped counting as it was starting to upset me. I know everyone puts weight on during pregnancy but I got a couple of comments that made me not want to count anymore.

Maternity clothes? Had to finally buy some long sleeve tops from Next, only the basic cheap ones to keep me warm. A top from Matalan also and some baggy trousers. I’m so close now there isn’t any point in buying pretty things, it’s all just for comfort.

Cravings? None.

Stretch marks? On my bottom of all places, obviously where all my added weight has gone to but I don’t mind. I always said as long as I don’t get any on my tummy or boobs I don’t care, and I don’t.

Best moments this week? The big day is looming and I’m getting more anxious and scared than excited. We have most things set up now which is exciting and feeling him wriggle still makes me happy.

Miss anything? My flat tummy, I really miss wearing what I wanted, now I just look and feel like a whale.

Movement? Lots of movement, some days he’s more feisty than others which worries me, I hate it when he seems less active but it always seems okay in the end.

Anything making you queasy or sick? I get waves of sickness but I don’t know what’s causing it.

Gender? Boy.

Labour signs? No actual labour signs but the constant backache and cramps are signs of things to come, yay!

Sleep? Is horrendous. I wake up every single time I want to turn over and it’s so painful to do so. My back seizes up in the night and then the added bump weight makes things very painful, turning over usually brings on a braxton hick as well which makes things even more uncomfortable. Oh and needing to pee at 4am every single night.

Belly button in or out? Out.

Happy or moody most of the time? I was generally happy until weeks 37 onwards and now I’m getting quite emotional over small things and comments. Trying to stay positive.

Looking forward to? Meeting our baby boy and starting our little family together. Just the thought of holding him for the first time makes me cry, I really can’t wait for that moment.

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How have you found your pregnancy?



  • Gemma

    You do not look like a whale.. You look absolutely gorgeous. You have the most incredible radiant glow, and I’ve never seen you so happy. I can’t believe you got some comments, I hope they weren’t on your blog? I’m so excited for you, just think he’ll be here before long xxxx

    • Claudia

      Haha thank you Gemma. It wasn’t on here, a couple of family members said things but it’s okay, just me being over sensitive at the moment! Not long at all, I am so excited I can’t even describe it! 😀 xxxxx