REISS Nail Paint A/W15 Collection

I love nail polish shades around this time of year. Deep berries and sparkly top coats are a refreshing change from the spring/summer pastel milky shades. Flicking through Boots’ Christmas catalogue, I noticed a new body and beauty range by the clothing brand REISS and was instantly drawn in.

Available exclusively to Boots stores across the UK, the range includes sets for men and women. I’m a sucker for deep nail polish shades around this time of year and spotted the REISS Nail Paint A/W15 Collection* straight away. The four shades are designed to coordinate with their A/W15 clothing collection and range from a creamy nude to a deep red with a subtle sparkle.

The packaging that the polishes come in is just beautiful, a white and gold box with a magnetic lid, it looks very luxurious and high-end. I’m trying to come up with ideas of how to store it as it’s just too pretty to throw away!

2 REISS Nail polish setPIN IT!




Nude Sahara is a beautiful milky cream shade that requires at least three coats to get a nice opaque finish. I love this subtle shade that can easily be dressed up by adding a sparkly top coat. I can’t wait to pair it with Essie’s Summit of Style for the festive season.








Mystic Grace is a shade that I don’t really go for, a dark metallic grey, it’s definitely one I would never try but this is actually my favourite shade out of the four. It only required two coats for a gorgeous finish and lasted such a long time on my nails. Being a grey it also compliments any outfit and the sparkles are perfect for the holidays.



4 REISS Nail polish setPIN IT!IMG_4163PIN IT!




Forever Red is your typical red shade with a blue undertone. It’s very pretty and applied really evenly. If you love red shades this one is definitely for you, will be perfect for Christmas or to spice up a simple outfit. It did stain my skin a bit when I tried to remove it but that always happens with red shades.










Bacall Red is a gorgeous deep red shade with very fine gold and red glitter running throughout. It’s so pretty and screams Christmas to me. I applied two coats of this beautiful shade and it’s just stunning. Although Mystic Grace is my favourite shade overall, this shade is going to be my go to choice over the Christmas holidays.






All four shades had excellent wear time, lasting approximately four days which to me is great. An avid lover of the Maybelline SuperStay polishes, the formulation of these are not far off the Maybelline line. The collection is just £20.00 from Boots, that’s just £5 a nail polish and you get excellent quality. This set will make a lovely Christmas gift for a beauty lover in your family and if you have someone that favours baths over manicures, check out the REISS Luxury Collection, it looks gorgeous! If you fancy seeing the full range of products, both male and female just click here.

What do you think of these shades? Which is your favourite?


*PR sample