Pregnancy Products Worth Having

As we are all aware during pregnancy things change, things happen and for me I was all for taking care of myself as best I could. Unless I’m at home I try to make an effort still and look my best as it makes myself feel better about my changing body, watching your tummy get bigger and bigger is so strange. I thought I would share with you some products that I have found really helpful during pregnancy.

2 Pregnancy Products Worth HavingPIN IT!For me skincare is a must, especially for my tummy area. I am nearly at the end of my pregnancy and I have stayed stretch mark free on my both my boobs and tummy. Genetics play a part in whether you get stretch marks or not, my mum didn’t get any for all three of her pregnancies so I shouldn’t get any either, and vice versa. Saying that, it’s still good to look after your skin and keep it supple and smooth throughout.

I always use a body scrub but chose to try the Sanctuary 4 Day Moisture Oil Scrub  as you only need to use it every four days and oils are great for keeping the skin moisturised. I haven’t even used this every four days, more like just once a week but it feels so lovely on the skin. It’s also paraben free which is great for use during pregnancy. I’ve also been obsessed with using Ro’s Argan body Conditioner  from  Lush  as it leaves my skin so soft and smooth, even the day after use it feels moisturised. You don’t need a moisturiser after using the Lush product however I do just because I want all the softness! Someone commented on my full review post that they wouldn’t use it during pregnancy due to it including some parabens however I emailed Lush to check and they said there wasn’t a problem. Last but not least, I’ve been applying the Sanctuary Mum-To-Be Collagen Boosting Body Butter  that my best friend got me and it again leaves my skin so soft and smooth, really supple. I’m convinced that using all these products have helped my stretching skin.

3 Pregnancy Products Worth HavingPIN IT! Extra attention to your oral care is something that I didn’t know about until I was pregnant. During pregnancy your gums become inflamed and bleed, alot. Mine were awful and have always been really sensitive but in the first 12 weeks I was seriously worried as they bled so much. Luckily my dentist has looked after me throughout by seeing me every 3 months. At home I’ve been using Sensodyne repair & Protect toothpaste* and Sensodyne Long Lasting Sensitivity Care mouthwash*  to help keep my teeth in the best shape. This is their new mouthwash and prior to this I used their standard Gentle Mouthrinse.  I haven’t had any issues with sensitivity whilst using this range and once my hormones calmed down around week 14 of pregnancy, the bleeding subsided and I haven’t had any issues since.

4 Pregnancy Products Worth HavingPIN IT!Clothing is the hardest part to keep up with, one minute that top fitted, the next it resembles a crop top. Maternity clothes are so expensive, in some stores more expensive than their regular range which is ridiculous. I refuse to pay £40+ for a boring plain dress that will only get worn a couple of times and then be stuffed into a bag until the next baby. The one item I didn’t mind splurging on were maternity jeans as I knew I would get a lot of wear out of them. I used to live in the Topshop Leigh Jeans  as they are super soft and even a skinny jean/tight refusing freak like myself could get on with them. As soon as I found out they did them in their maternity range I was sold. For £40 it’s a lot for a pair of maternity jeans, however I haven’t stopped wearing them. They are so comfortable and the elasticated band around the tummy area is really supportive of my bump. I only wish they had them in more colours as I would’ve picked up a lighter pair. Check to see if your favourite jeans come in a maternity version.

The one body changing issue I have welcomed are my bigger boobs. I was not blessed in that department beforehand but pregnancy has boosted me up a couple of cup sizes which is fantastic, I love them. Although I’m near the end now, they don’t hurt, are swollen or tender in any way which is great but I know that will change once my milk starts to come in as it clearly hasn’t as of yet. I was measured and fitted at Mothercare for appropriate maternity bras by someone who had no idea what she was doing, I still bought three but they are just so unflattering and big that they make me really hot and uncomfortable. Because my bump is quite high, when I sit down my bump pushes on the band of the bra and makes it roll up so I’m forever fiddling with it to pull it back down. I rarely can be bothered with them now and have pretty much lived in my lace bralettes for the past couple of months. The girls feel so much more supported in these than they did in the maternity bras. Tip: make sure you get someone to measure you who actually knows what they are doing, and get cute looking maternity bras, don’t just buy the frumpy one the assistant threw at you in a flap…I’ve learnt my lesson.

Which products did you find useful during your pregnancy?



  • Ananthi

    Hi Claudia
    Thank you for such a informative post! Definitely going to try the sanctuary spa products (I am 13 weeks). Where are your lace bralets from? Good luck with everything X

    • Claudia

      Glad you found it helpful 🙂 I got mine from Next and H&M, H&M have a great selection for a small price. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Thank you, good luck to you too xx

  • Kat

    Great tips Claudia! I’m only 7.5 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy so haven’t officially announced it yet as it’s still a bit early and haven’t had a scan yet but I’m already planning maternity wear for this time around as last time I had the most unflattering, ugly maternity bra ever! The topshop jeans sound essential, I love my Leighs and Jonis. The body products also sound wonderful! I did get a few stretchmarks on my belly last time but I am unfortunately predisposed to them and get them with ease haha. Hope your last few weeks go well 🙂 xx

    • Claudia

      Thank you, glad you liked the post. Next time round I will actually get a nice flattering lace maternity bra!! Haha. Definitely recommend the Topshop jeans and I’m pretty sure they sell the Joni’s in maternity too! Thank you so much and a HUGE congratulations on your 2nd pregnancy, I hope it all goes smoothly for you 🙂 xx