LUSH Intergalactic

I recently posted a Little Lush Haul  featuring some of their new releases and couldn’t wait to settle down one evening for a spot of pampering. I chose to use Intergalactic first as it didn’t fit into the jar that I store my LUSH collection in and also it is a little crumbly to touch.

2 LUSH IntergalacticPIN IT!This has to be one of the prettiest bath bombs I have ever used. When it’s whole it’s just so pretty with pink and yellow streaked throughout the blue, you can also see that this one contains glitter. It smelt amazing as well!

3 LUSH IntergalacticPIN IT! 4 LUSH IntergalacticPIN IT!

Once dropped into the bath it instantly started releasing beautiful colours and glitter, it looked so pretty. A strong scent of peppermint was instantly recognisable and was quite strong but I loved it. Sadly since I have a retro pink bath tub, I never get to experience the colours properly but even so, the colours looked beautiful and I imagine they look one hundred times better in a white tub. Once the bath bomb had completely fizzed away, the water was a dark blue colour, reminded me of the colour of an iceberg that has been submerged under water for years, was so pretty. It also had so much gold glitter floating around which was easily washed away by just running some cold water once I got out, no actual cleaning necessary, phew!

I used to love the Christmas special bath bombs of Shoot for the Stars and Luxury Lush Pud but this bath bomb has shot straight up to the top of my list. From the amazing fresh scent to the gorgeous colours, it’s such a pretty bath bomb and worth every penny. I can’t wait to buy it again!

Have you tried Intergalactic? What’s your favourite product from their new releases?