Why Autumn Is The Best Season

I love summer don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing better than shorts, dresses and light minimal makeup but I much prefer wrapping up warm than being all uncomfortable and sweaty. I love Autumn, it’s most definitely my favourite season, it’s no longer hot but it’s not super freezing  either, it’s just right. Also, the fashion is the best  in autumn.

Since it’s my favourite season why not share the reasons why and a few things that we should not feel guilty about…

2 August is the best seasonPIN IT! 3 August is the best seasonPIN IT!

  • It’s time to mix things up from pastel shades and coral/pink lips, whip out the berry shades, MAC Rebel eat your heart out.
  • Not just berry lips, berry nails too!
  • Just berry everything…
  • Nothing better than big cosy scarves , scarves so big and chunky that they make you look like a pin-head.
  • Booties, my favourite kind of footwear. Comfortable and they look chic, buy them in every shade possible.
  • Big knitted sweaters, plaid shirts, baggy jumpers all paired with skinny jeans and booties – ?
  • There’s no shame in stalking Pinterest for inspiration, I literally live on there and pin the same looking outfits just in different colours.
  • You can drink as many hot chocolates as you like and not feel guilty about it. It’s cold, it’s too late for caffeine, bring on the chocolate.
  • Tones of marshmallows on top is also fine.
  • Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back in Starbucks – does a little dance – life is good again.
  • And how cute are the autumnal Starbucks cups?! I’ve never had one before….yes I saved it…
  • Candles….everywhere!
  • Being wrapped up in bed by 9 is totally fine.
  • Then watching nothing but Friends every night.
  • Big cosy socks that totally ruin the “Sexy Victoria’s Secret PJ ad” look you were going for. Warm tootsies will always prevail.
  • Cliché autumn leaves shot on Instagram is a must…in a “Where I stand” style with your booties in shot too. What? It’s cute.
  • Hour long Lush baths are the bomb!
  • Soft smooth legs are a thing of the past, well until next Summer anyway.

Feel free to add any things you love about Autumn below!