Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paints

I know it’s now technically autumn – hooray! but I bought the new Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paints  a while ago now, back when they first came out but I have so many polishes that they got pushed to the back of the queue. Now I’ve tried all three shades a few times, it’s time to share my thoughts.

The range offers lots of pretty pastels and milky shades with some darker tones recently becoming available. The dry time is said to be extra speedy with precise application after two coats. Well, did they live up to this?

PicMonkey CollagePIN IT!Eat My Dust – I love this shade, it’s such a pretty sky blue that’s perfect for springtime. First coat is always a bit streaky as it’s quite sheer but once a second coat is on, it’s more opaque. I applied a third to certain nails that seemed to need a bit more. This formula isn’t gloppy at all which is great however, sadly it did appear a little bubbly once it had dried, but it’s hardly noticeable. I applied a fresh coat two days ago and I’m still going strong with no chipping.

Stop the Clock – A lovely milky yellow, it’s a beautiful shade and looks great in the summertime, sadly the formula is utterly pants. The first layer is always streaky no matter how I apply it, – so much worse than the blue, the second coat just leaves a gloopy sloppy mess. A third coat is needed but I always give up by the second as it just doesn’t sit well at all. Once it had dried the polish was so so bumpy and bubbly, it was horrendous!! I use the same base coat with every polish but this just went so bubbly, it looked awful and it chipped within a day.

In a Heart Beat – This coral shade is just a beauty and I always fall for this type of shade. It looks so beautiful on and probably one of the best coral colours I’ve found. I’m terms of application, it’s the same as Eat My Dust, some nails need three coats and once it dried it did go a little bubbly but was barely noticeable. This shade didn’t chip for ages either, was super impressed.

2 Barry M nail paintsPIN IT!It’s such a disappointment that Stop the Clock was such a rubbish formula as the shade is so lovely but it’s just so gloopy and impossible to work with but the other two shades are very pretty. It’s strange how they all went a little bubbly once they had dried as this hasn’t happened with any other polish before but it’s a lot less noticeable with Eat My Dust and In A Heart Beat, Stop the Clock just looked utterly dreadful.

They definitely dry quicker than normal nail polishes which is very handy for me as I get very impatient whilst waiting for my nails to dry. Who else always needs to go to the loo when they’ve just done a fresh mani, regardless of having just been? The new darker shades do look beautiful so I may try one of those just to see how the formula compares but so far I’d definitely say it’s hit and miss.

Have you tried any of the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry nail paints? What are your thoughts?