Pregnancy | 28 – 31 Weeks

We are getting close to the finish line guys, only 9 weeks to go! I am so incredibly excited and itching to get things unpacked, put together and stashed away. I have a serious case of nesting happening right now. 9 weeks to go is far to early to pack my hospital bag right?

In my last update I had written about how we had to have a fourth scan as they were worried he might be underweight but that’s all ok! We had the scan back on the 9th September and they said that he’s now caught up and he’s actually average weight which is great.

At my midwife appointment yesterday my mum was able to come with me this time which was great! Things started off a little shaky with my midwife at the beginning of my pregnancy but she’s actually really nice now, she was lovely yesterday. When she read through my birthing plan (which is pretty much non-existent) I was waiting for the questions or snarky comments but she simply said, “That’s all great, don’t need to ask you about your plan then.” I had written about how I don’t want any students present (after a very bad experience when I was last in hospital it was a student that treated me and I ended up in hospital longer than I needed to be and it was an awful experience. I know everyone needs to learn but I don’t want to have to deal with the added stress when in labour) All my midwife said was to make sure I tell them when I arrive as some people don’t even look at your notes. I’m glad she told me as I wouldn’t have known.

How far along? 31+ 1 day today.

Total weight gain: 20lbs. I’m not worried in the slightest about weight gain or loosing it quickly after, all I care about is G getting what he needs.

Cravings? Peanut M&M’s and Cocoa Cola still…not the healthiest of cravings but I am cutting back.

Stretch marks? One on my belly button where I had my piercing. You can barely see it and I really don’t care that it’s there. I’ve been very lucky so far regarding stretch marks.

Movement? Lots of movement these days, getting digs in the ribs and hips which isn’t fun but it’s always fun to feel him wriggling around.

Sleep? On and off, I tend to wake up around 4:30am needing the loo/G wriggling/my cat patting me on the face because he wants attention.

Belly button in or out? Pretty much out and it’s creepy, I hate belly buttons.

Looking forward to? Meeting him. I know I have a long  way to go still but I just want to be at 40 weeks already!

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How are you getting on with your pregnancy?