Storage Solutions – Baby G’s Clothes

Whilst I was organising G’s clothes and outfits a while ago, I suddenly realised that we didn’t have anywhere to store his clothes, I just completely forgot he would need his own drawers. I know, ridiculous but I was so wrapped up in changing tables and prams it didn’t even cross my mind.

I didn’t want to spend £150+ on a child size wardrobe so when my mum mentioned just getting him a chest of drawers, I straight away went onto IKEA and chose the MALM chest of 6 drawers which matches with all our furniture. After two nightmare trips to IKEA in one weekend as two parts were broken and we needed to exchange them, the drawers are in place next to our unit and they look brilliant. We won’t be using his drawers with the opening lid as it’s not needed so we purchased the glass top to protect the unit and it’s ended up looking like one big piece of furniture. It fits in perfectly and it’s exactly what I had in mind.

2 Baby G's StoragePIN IT!For the first few months G will be in our room so we are leaving everything how it is in the picture, however once he’s big enough for his cot, we are moving upstairs and our old room (the one in the photograph) will become his own nursery. Our chest of drawers will be staying in his nursery as we don’t want to take it apart to move it upstairs but all our bits and bobs and my makeup will be moved and his gorgeous little baby bits will all be displayed.

MALM drawers are very deep and and go back quite far and I knew that his little clothes would just end up in a big mess and we wouldn’t be able to find anything. I decided to use drawer dividers and used a mixture of 2 sets of the Skubb design, these fit perfectly inside and keep everything nicely separated.

3 Baby G's StoragePIN IT!The top drawer which is one of the two slim drawers has hats and bibs in. The newborn/first size hats are at the front and the bigger 0-3 month hats are the ones at the back.

4 Baby G's StoragePIN IT!The second skinny drawer has all his socks and mittens in. You’re probably thinking we have far too many but I don’t want my winter baby getting cold toes or paws. All of the socks are size 0-3 months so we should get a bit of wear out of all of them and the mittens are one size.

5 Baby G's StoragePIN IT!The first large drawer has all his sleeps suits in. The ones at the front are slightly smaller so either newborn or up to 1 month and will be used when he first arrives whereas the ones at the back are a little bigger, 0-3 months.

6 Baby G's StoragePIN IT!The next drawers has his body suits and some little outfits. The front are body suits, short sleeved 0-3 months on the left and long sleeved newborn on the right. The middle compartment contains all his rompers and the back compartment has his outfit clothes in.

7 Baby G's StoragePIN IT!This drawer has a space for his little booties and pram shoes, and the rest is jumpers and pram suits. They are mainly 0-3 months with the exception of the navy chevron jumper which is 3-6 but wouldn’t fit in the drawer below.

8 Baby G's StoragePIN IT!This drawer has all his bigger clothes in, 3-6 months. Once he’s too big for the smaller clothes, I will change out the drawers and put the size that he is in at the time. All his shirts that are currently in his drawer will be hung up once he’s in his nursery but for now we will keep them tucked away.

I’m so glad we opted to have this chest of drawers as everything is so tidy and I know exactly where everything is and what size the items are. My mum and Brent both laughed when they saw the sock drawer but I love being organised, I find it so helpful and it’s a relief having his clothes away neatly already. Now I just have another 10 weeks to go until we can actually dress him in all the adorable clothes!

How did you store your babies clothes?