The DIY Desk Planner

Like most bloggers I am obsessed with stationary, notebooks, notepads, pretty pens you name it, I want it. I recently posted a little Desk/Stationary Wishlist just to show you some of the bits I’ve been eyeing up for a while now. One desk item I was missing was a decent planner. I had a to-do list notepad but it was getting filled up with things to do and post ideas, it was all getting a little messy. So I set out to find an actual desk planner.

I was after something simple yet pretty that would allow me to keep my ideas and chores tidy but also something that had a to-do list on it also. There are a few about online but they are all landscape, I don’t have enough space for that so wanted portrait and also they were coming in at about £15 or more for a notepad, none of which where what I had in mind. So I decided I would just make my own.

I turned to Etsy and found a shop named Little Seed Gifts which had different printable planners for sale. I loved the look of the one I chose instantly as the colours where subtle and it had three different sections. I paid just £2.72 and downloaded it instantly. If you have Photoshop you could make your own, however I don’t and for the small price I got exactly what I wanted.

IMG_3304PIN IT!To make it into an actual notepad, I printed the planner off, found an old piece of A4 cardboard from an unused notepad and placed them altogether. I then hung the top edges of the planner off the end of a countertop and placed about 6 big heavy books on top to keep the pages in place. Finally, I layered 4 coats of PVA glue onto the top end of the papers waiting 10-15 minutes in-between each layer. This seals the papers together creating an actual notepad and you can peel off each page like you would normally. I also added a little bit of washi tape to the top, just to make it more pretty for myself but no one else sees this.

I’m thrilled with my DIY desk planner, it’s exactly what I wanted and for a tiny price. Definitely recommend Etsy if you’re struggling to find a planner you like, hope I’m not the only picky person out there! P.S I’m still obsessed with this marble phone case!! Find out where I got it here.

** Since writing this post I have opened my own Etsy shop, PaperChicCo  selling planners that I have designed myself. From daily and weekly planners to blogger specific ones, there’s also a Christmas planner, all for a reasonable price. Check out my new shop – PaperChicCo. **

Will you be making your own planner?