Green People Quinoa & Artichoke Organic Haircare

I love to use organic natural products whenever I can. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t use organic products enough but I do love the brand Green People a lot. I’ve tried a fair bit from them now and absolutely loved their Age Defy+ Hydrate & Renew Serum.

I was asked if I would like to try the new Quinoa & Artichoke shampoo* and conditioner* and when the package arrived, the new Quinoa & Avocado Styling Gel* was also in the box for me to try. The shampoo and conditioner contain quinoa protein which is supposed to boost shine by over 50%, whilst the artichoke smooths the hair and leaves it frizz-free. In the styling product, the quinoa protein is said to create volume and bounce to the hair and although it’s a styling gel, it can be used as a leave-in conditioner and will give a high shine.

2 Green People haircarePIN IT!The scent of all the products is a little strange and you definitely notice it once your hair is dry as well. The shampoo leaves my hair so smooth and soft and incredibly shiny. I noticed just how shiny my hair was after the first wash. I don’t really get bad frizz on my hair but it was noticeably smoother and I did have added volume on my roots too. I have quite dry damaged hair after a lot of bleaching and sadly the conditioner just wasn’t heavy enough. I had to apply a separate hair mask on top of this one for extra nourishment as without it combing my wet hair is an absolute nightmare, even with my Tangle Teezer.

The styling gel I have used a fair bit, in both dry hair and wet hair and apart from the smell I haven’t really noticed a difference to my hair which is a shame as the ingredients sound so promising. There’s no texture added and it hasn’t really helped when styling my hair either. I will continue to use it to see if I do notice a difference though.

Although a couple of products didn’t work for me I haven’t been left disappointed, they just don’t suit my hair type. However, I’m not the only one who loves the shampoo, it kept going missing from my shower and it turned out my mum was using it too! We both said how shiny our hair was after using it and she’s going to buy her own she loves it that much.

Have you tried the Green People Quinoa & Artichoke Organic Haircare range?


*PR samples