Pregnancy Update | 27 Weeks & Emergency Midwife

I didn’t plan on writing a post today however it’s been an eventful afternoon and wanted to share a quick update with you all. I was 27 weeks yesterday which is crazy, can’t believe next Saturday I will be 28 weeks, 7 months and in the third trimester!

In previous posts I have said just how active Pip is, he’s always wriggling and kicking and I feel a limb pretty much everyday. However today I started to worry in the morning, I hadn’t felt anything. We tried poking him to wake him up, talking to him but he didn’t seem to react. I went shopping with my mum and mentioned how I hadn’t really felt anything. I tried to wake him again but only got a very faint poke. I told Brent and we decided that we would ring the midwife when I got home.

When we called her, she told me to have a large glass of cold water, lie down on my left side with my hands on my bump and just concentrate on the baby. She told me to stay like this for 40 minutes and then call her back. After the longest 40 minutes I’ve ever experienced, we counted 10 movements, 2 of which were a little stronger but the rest were really weak. We both didn’t really say anything, the worst thoughts crossing our minds. After I called the midwife back, she said it was very reassuring I had felt movement, and sometimes the kicks are weaker due to the baby moving to a different position. She asked if I wanted to wait for a couple of hours to see what other movement I got or to go straight in to be monitored. I chose to go straight in, no point wasting time at home fretting so we left straight away.

Once at the hospital, I had the normal check up of weight, blood pressure and so on and then the midwife strapped my bump up with two monitors. I had to click a button every time I felt movement which just so happened to be a lot now! They monitored his heartbeat and how many movements I felt from the clicks and after about 45 minutes she said she was very happy with the results. The heartbeat was strong and there was lots of movement. She also said boys tend to cause trouble around this stage as they change into awkward positions. As it’s my first and because of the reduced movement, we have been booked in for another scan on Wednesday and then I have to take my results back to her to check them.

I’m so relieved that everything is okay. I was so used to feeling him kick and react to our voices and pokes that it was very scary when I hadn’t felt anything in over 12 hours. The midwifes at the hospital were so lovely and nice and really put me at ease. I haven’t had the best of luck with happy community midwifes but they were amazing today.

If you ever notice less movement from your baby, don’t wait around, ring your midwife straight away. It’s so reassuring having someone to talk to and it’s always better to be safe, you aren’t making a fuss and they don’t think you are, it’s always best to get checked out.

I will post again next week once I’ve had my other scan and I also have my 28 week midwife appointment on Friday too, let’s hope everything stays okay and that little Pip stays active now.

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  • Stacey

    So glad you’re both ok Claudia xx

  • Kat

    So pleased you’re both okay! I definitely agree it’s not worth waiting around. On my final midwife appointment (one day before my due date!) I was pretty blasé about everything and expected everything to go fine as usual… until she told me he was lying transverse and if my waters broke he could be in serious trouble! I had to go for a scan and if he hadn’t moved then I’d be having a c-section. Fortunately he had moved back to normal and stayed in there for another 12 days but they do love to give you a scare sometimes! 🙂 xx

    • Claudia

      Thank you. It’s so scary that anything can happen at any minute. Glad everything was okay for you in the end, they definitely do like to scare us! xx

  • Emma

    Glad everything is ok 🙂 Arron and I had exactly the same thing with Isobel (a couple of times if I’m honest!). She would slow down or move into a different position and I’d get really worried counting kicks, then as soon as the midwife put the monitor on it was like she was doing the tango! I fell on the way to work when I was 8 months pregnant and landed with my knee in my tummy and had to go in. As you know she’s fine, but she did/ does like to keep us on our toes! (Especially as she is crawling, pulling herself up on everything and walking if she can hold your fingers! :s)

    Always go in if you’re worried, it puts your mind at rest. Hope you’re feeling ok x

  • claire

    I’m so glad everything ok, it must be such a scary experience. I can’t believe how quickly time is going, you look stunning by the way, pregnancy definitely suits you 🙂

  • Megan

    Just found your blog & so glad I have as it’s lovely to come across another pregnant blogger. We’re only a couple of weeks apart as I’m 30 weeks+4 at the moment. Glad everything was okay with your little boy (I’m also having a boy!). You definitely did the right thing by going in to have his movements monitored. I have to say, I did notice a little less movement around that time too but now the little Mr seems to be back to his active self and I’m sure he’s been pushing bigger body parts like his head or bottom out as my stomachs been all sorts of strange shapes! xo

    • Claudia

      Thank you! Congratulations on your pregnancy and having a boy too! Yay 🙂 The midwife said boys seem to always do this around the 27+ weeks mark, so scary but so relieved it’s all okay now. I had a very strange looking bump this morning but then he moved and it went back to normal. So strange when you can feel them wriggling around but it’s so incredible! Hope your pregnancy is going well xx

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