Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque

The beauty world went a bit crazy when Bourjois released their Rouge Edition Velvet lip colours. I would describe them as a liquid lipstick but who know’s, I am still yet to review those ones, coming soon I promise! But today’s review is all about the Rouge Edition Aqua Laque, the glossy version to the matte velvets.

Again, they sent the beauty bloggers a little stir crazy, I hopped on the ol’ bandwagon and picked up the colour that stood out most to me, Rosé on the Rocks. A dusty pink shade, it’s perfect for daytime wear, your typical “my lips but better” shade, I’m all for those.


Promising to offer 10hr hydration – woah! and a non-sticky formula, I had high hopes for this little lipgloss. I’m not one for lipgloss, they get stuck in my hair and it’s such a sticky kerfuffle. However, sticky these aren’t, the 10hr hydration? No no no. The application side of things is great, glide on really nicely with the applicator making things really easy as you can just follow the shape of your lips and it doesn’t feather. It offers a nice juicy looking shine to the lips without being sticky at all which is fab. Downside, literally within half hour it had disappeared and my lips did not feel hydrated.

The colour is lovely but due to it being so sheer and my lips naturally being quite pigmented, on me it looks just like my lips but with a clear gloss. “My lips but better” shade becomes “my lips and no better.” I have seen some other shades that are pretty so I hope to one day try a different colour.

3PIN IT!Although I sound like a complete moaning-mini, I will get a darker or more vibrant shade to see how that works out for me as I do love how the formula isn’t sticky at all. For a lipgloss loather, I would happily wear this gloss all the time regardless of it only lasting a little while, it does sit nicely on the lips.

Have you tried the Rouge Edition Aqua Laque’s? What are your thoughts on them?