Desk/Stationary Wishlist

I think it’s safe to say every blogger has a very weird obsession with stationary, am I right peeps? Before I started blogging I loved stationary, the only thing exciting about going back to school after the summer holidays was buying brand spanking new stuff, I was in my element! I’ve always hoarded paper and pens like they were going out of fashion and since I’ve been eyeing up a few bits for a very long time now, thought it was about time I shared my picks with you all. I’ve thrown in a few desk items as well for good measure, can never have to many pretty things.

Kate Spade Gold Sticky Note Setlink – I don’t even need this many sticky notes, who does?! But I love the gold detailing, just so cute. I’m sure I would find plenty of use for them though, maybe for labelling up everything!

This and That Marble Notebook | link or link– One can never have too many notebooks, and this one has marble effect on the front…need I say more?

Spiral Flip Notebooklink – I love making lists, lists for everything, but I try to always make lists for our food shopping to keep within our budget. This would be so cute in my handbag and a perfect size too as it’s small.

Kate Spade Gold Stripes Thermal Muglink – I love hot drinks, especially tea but since I’m pregnant I have reduced my caffeine intake and only have two cups a day now, the rest I have hot chocolate. I tend to forget about my hot drinks so this thermal mug would be fab to keep on my desk, plus it saves a tonne of washing up as I can just keep using this over and over again. I know I can do that with a mug too but yes I always forget to take my mug downstairs and always get a new cup. Plus, this can be used for travel as well.

Kate Spade Dear Me Notebooklink – Can never have too many list making items either. Love the stripes on the front cover of this one, so pretty.

Kate Spade Ballpoint Orange/Pink Penlink – I’ve had my eye on this cute little pen for a while now but I don’t think I’d ever actually use it as 1. I wouldn’t want it to run out of ink and 2. I would totally just hoard the box forever and probably never even take the pen out of it in the first place, then I would forget I even had it…but it’s so pretty!!!

Brass Rectangle Traylink – All over my Instagram feed it’s either marble or white trays and although I totally want one of each of those too, I love the look of this one as it’s different. I would pop my makeup brush pots on it, think it would look so pretty.

Kate Spade Acrylic Pencil Potlink – Because it’s acrylic and gold…enough said.

There are so many other bits and bobs I am lusting after too, just check out my stationary and office boards on Pinterest, they will show you just how crazy obsessed I am! Also a little heads up, I found two of the shops I mentioned above through Instagram and their feeds are to die for!  Glam and Paper and A Cup of Chic, definitely give them a follow.

Which stationary items have you been lusting after? Any cute online shops I should be checking out?


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