Pregnancy – Weeks 20 – 25

Can’t believe I only have 15 weeks left now, everyone told me it would drag from 12 weeks but it’s going so quickly! Since my last update, we’ve had a couple of appointments and we found out we are expecting a little boy! We both knew it was a boy, we just had a feeling and were spot on! We couldn’t be happier.

At my first midwife appointment she told me she was referring me to a consultant because of the collapsed lung I had in 2010 but we never heard anything until a random letter came for an Obstetrics appointment at the end of June. I had no idea what it was or why I was there….and neither did they. The consultant was baffled as to why I had been referred as there wasn’t anything in my notes. I told her about my lung, she asked what happened I explained and then she said there wasn’t an issue during pregnancy with having a previous collapsed lung (which I already knew, if it’s going to collaspe again it will happen at any time) and discharged me back to my midwife. So, up until now I had been on the high-risk category for my pregnancy and I had no idea. We are getting a bit miffed with the community midwife now.

Speaking of the midwife, we had the 25 week check yesterday and it was fine. After our past couple of appointments with a community midwife being a let down I’ve been really worried about this one but all was well in the end. We had 30 minutes with a support worker who just gave us information on breastfeeding and the whopping cough vaccination and she was so nice and helpful. I’ve heard and read so many horror stories about women having trouble with midwifes and with their choice on how to feed their baby but she discussed the options and came up with a way that would suit us, not the least bit patronising or forceful and it was such a relief, she was great. We then had my regular midwife who just listened to his heartbeat and said everything was lovely which was so good to hear. We know he’s fine as I feel him kicking and moving all the time but hearing this little heartbeat is just incredible.

How far along? 25 weeks today.

Total weight gain: Since loosing so much weight due to morning sickness, I have gained 14lbs, but I was actually trying to get my weight back up to what I was, from my previous weight I have actually only gained 8lbs.

Maternity clothes? Still the same, only needed maternity jeans, everything else still fits nicely and accentuates my bump.

Cravings? I go through phases of fancying things for a couple of days, recently it’s been cheese and tomato pizzas and Fanta!

Stretch marks? I have actually got three teeny-tiny lines on my right thigh but you can’t even see them and I don’t care either. Still fine everywhere else.

Best moments this week? The past few weeks he’s been so wriggly, I love feeling him move about, it’s such a nice feeling and so reassuring. Brent read him Jack and the Beanstalk and it brought a little tear to my eye, he’s so cute, going to be an amazing dad.

Miss anything? Still the same food, pâté, beef jerky, peperami, can’t wait to eat them again. I do miss having more freedom, at the moment we can’t spend ages away from somewhere without a toilet! Always needing the loo.

Movement? So much!!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope.

Gender? BOY!!!

Symptoms? Constantly needing the loo, leg and back aches every now and again and also heartburn sometimes but nothing too uncomfortable. What is uncomfortable are braxton hicks. I’ve been getting these for a few weeks now and they are so weird, my tummy goes solid and it feels like cramp, then they are gone as quickly as they came. I only get them a couple of times a day which is totally normal and nothing to worry about just very uncomfortable.

Sleep? It’s ok, not great. Back to waking up really really early for either the toilet, because he’s kicking or my cat decides he want’s attention. I just nap in the day if I’m exhausted.

Belly button in or out? Becoming an outty, which means I have taken my piercing out now.  I know you can get flexible bars but I actually prefer my bump without it.

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy pretty much all the time. I panic that we haven’t got enough time to get everything ready but I’m not miserable. I’ve been pretty lucky with my emotions so far.

Looking forward to? We are changing half our bedroom into his area and I can’t wait to start organising that. By the end of October we will be finished and I shall share his corner  with you all. Once he’s big enough to go in his cot we will move our bedroom upstairs and finish our old bedroom as his nursery and I can’t wait to show you his completed nursery!

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How are you getting on with your pregnancy?