Esqido Unforgettable Lashes

I used to love wearing fake eyelashes and would regularly wear individual ones to work to add a little fullness to my natural sad looking lashes. Although I haven’t worn any in a long time, when I was asked if I would like to review the Unforgettable* lashes by Esqido Lashes I decided to say yes as I wanted to start wearing them again for fancy outings. This review is a little late as my eyelash glue had gone off and I didn’t realize, I then had to wait for payday to get some more – fail!

Esqido Lashes are made from naturally shed mink hair with a soft band for comfortable wear. They are all reusable and if looked after properly, they can last up to 25 times, pretty amazing. The packaging for the lashes is just beautiful, they have pulled out all the stops to ensure their brand looks the part. The sturdy white and rose gold case will look after the lashes between usage and keep them well protected.

2 Esqido Unforgettable LashesPIN IT! 3 Esqido Unforgettable LashesPIN IT!

The Unforgettable lashes provide a light volume and are really soft and fluttery. The band is thicker than what I am used to, I tend to use lashes that have an invisible band or are thinner. They were also very very long and I had to cut off a lot to fit my eye shape. This style is beautiful however I just feel that for my eye size and shape, they just weren’t suitable and feel they really overwhelm my face. Although I have almond shaped eyes they are relatively small and therefore they don’t look natural on me. It doesn’t help that my natural rubbish lashes always droop regardless of how much I curl them! My eyes can be very sensitive and the inner corner of the lashes were very uncomfortable but that could be down to my cack-handedness mixed in with sensitivity.

4 Esqido Unforgettable LashesPIN IT!Esqido False Eyelashes – Unforgettable*

I honestly think that the Esqido Lashes are beautiful and I love how you can reuse them a lot as you definitely get your moneys worth. Without a doubt, I think the Little Black Lash style would suit me a lot better, they look more natural and I can tell they would work for me. I would also love to see an individual lash set for sale as well, I’d be all over them! If you’re an expert with lashes and love a fuller look, I’d highly recommend you try these, you won’t be disappointed.

Have you tried lashes from Esqido? What’s your favourite faux lash brand?


*PR sample