Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze

I have mentioned this product in a couple of previous posts; Products Worth Mentioning #4 and my June Favourites 2015 but I wanted to write a full review on this product as I’ve been so impressed by it.

From about 18-20 years old, I refused to go out clubbing unless I had fake tan on, St Tropez Mouse or Make Believe, eat your heart out. I worked in Boots at the time and I spent so much time – and wages – picking out the next product to achieve my faux tan. Fast forward to being 25 and I haven’t used a fake tan or gradual tanner in 5 years. Since I bought the Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze, so many people have posted glowing reviews, Elle’s post was behind my purchase, and I have to say it’s birthday money well spent!

I’m very protective of my skin and always wear an SPF out in the sun, plus with the UK summer’s we have, so unpredictable, it’s pretty hard to get a glow and I’m not usually bothered whether I have a tan or not. However, after seeing how natural this tan looked, I had to try it for myself.

2PIN IT! PicMonkey CollagePIN IT!

The photographs above show three days of using the gradual tanner and as you can see, a nice soft subtle glow has appeared and looks ridiculously natural. I use a tanning mitt I picked up in Primark and it makes application so much easier – why did I never use a mitt when I was 18?! Although you can’t see the product once on the skin, a general buff over the legs with the mitt has always left me with a streak-free glow and seriously soft legs.

Now the smell, that’s what we all want to know don’t we? Will we spend our days walking around smelling like a biscuit? Flashback to the time I was in the gym and said “Omg it stinks of biscuits” I then looked to my side and saw a middle aged man orange as…well an orange…I hope he didn’t hear me but chances are he did – awkward! Yes there is a slight whiff of the biscuit scent, no it doesn’t bother me, I actually rather like it. When you apply the product, it smells almost fruity which settles into a hint of the dreaded scent later on. Come morning though, I’m usually smelling dandy again. And one more thing to note, it doesn’t transfer onto clothes or bed covers.

I am so impressed with this product and will have to replace it soon as I’ve used it so much. The brand Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter has really been raved about in the blogging community recently and I can totally see why and I can’t wait to try more from them.

Have you tried anything from Cocoa Brown? What are your thoughts on the products?