Gender Reveal | It’s A….

Today was the day. We have been waiting for this scan since we found out we were having a baby. I know some people don’t like to find out but we never said otherwise as we wanted to be able to prepare ourselves fully. We, friends and family all wanted to buy gender clothes  as there’s only so much unisex to buy and a mad dash to the shops with a newborn is not what we wanted to do. Most importantly though, we wanted to be able to call them by the name that we had chosen as soon as we found out. So, we are expecting….


We are so so happy to announce we are expecting a little baby boy. We knew from the beginning that it was a boy, we both just had a feeling and we were spot on. We already have both a boy and girl name ready and I’ll share the name once he’s born. The rest of the scan went smoothly and everything is looking fine, a very healthy looking baby as the sonographer said so that’s great. He was sitting breach at the time which made some of the checking difficult but we got there in the end. So exciting finally knowing as now we can start planning the nursery properly and buying boys baby clothes. The next 4 months are going to be incredibly fun.

How are you getting on with your pregnancy? Have you found out the gender?