Adventure | Dartmoor 2015

After our first trip to Dartmoor last year it’s safe to say I completely fell in love with the place. The peacefulness, miles and miles of beautiful scenery that isn’t ruined by telephone polls and the lack of people. You’re lucky if you spot people in the distance but you rarely cross paths with anyone unless you’re in a touristy area. I couldn’t wait to go back again this year.

This time was different for two reasons, my cousin is currently in Australia and therefore couldn’t come this time and I was 12 weeks pregnant during this trip, so technically there were still four of us. Due to being with child, I carried a lot less weight this time and we took it a lot easier. I was so worn out most of the time and I was still iffy with my food at that stage but although it was twice as tough than last time (and last time was seriously tough) I still enjoyed every minute of it.

2 DartmoorPIN IT! 3 DartmoorPIN IT! 4 DartmoorPIN IT! 5 DartmoorPIN IT!The first day we made our way back to Fernworthy Forest, the same place we went to last time but we took a different route to see different Tors on the way. The weather this time was so much nicer in the daytime but by the evening, it was freezing. In the picture I have on three t-shirts, my jacket, my brother’s snowboarding coat, a waterproof coat, gloves, hat and a scarf and I was still shivering! Worst nights sleep I have ever had, it was absolutely awful. I managed to get about 4 hours sleep but not altogether, it was more like 15 minutes sleep, half hour awake…etc.

6 DartmoorPIN IT! 7 DartmoorPIN IT! 8 DartmoorPIN IT!The next day we made our way to a Tor we had passed the day before, I can’t remember the name but the walk up that hill was insane. Thank goodness for walking poles! The hike was worth it as the views of rolling fields are always incredible.

9 DartmoorPIN IT! 10 DartmoorPIN IT! 11 DartmoorPIN IT! 12 DartmoorPIN IT!13 DartmoorPIN IT!14 DartmoorPIN IT!After another fun river crossing and some monkeying around on a tree swing that we found, we set up camp by a river for the second night. It was a gorgeous set up as you can see below. Before we actually set up our campsite though, we went on another hike to Bellever Tor, another strenuous and freezing climb but so worth it. I love being able to see for miles around me and not another person or house in site.

IMG_5526PIN IT!15 DartmoorPIN IT!I won’t be going back to Dartmoor this year and just because Brent and I are having a baby doesn’t mean our lives have to come to a screaming holt, I’ve seen plenty of families with babies on hikes and camping trips. It’s definitely possible if you want to put in the extra work, and we don’t mind at all.

Have you ever been to Dartmoor or camping?