Makeup Brushes

Growing up I spent my days applying foundation with my fingers and eyeshadows with the sponge applicators – I now shudder at the thought! Gradually I became more obsessed with beauty products and of course that meant brushes too.

The first makeup brushes I ever bought where actually from MAC, the 266 small angled brush and the 168 large angled brush to be exact. It’s safe to say this was just the beginning, little did I know I would own three pots full and have more stashed away un-used.

MAC brushes are a great choice if you want to splash the cash. Although they are pricey, I’ve had some of mine for four years now and they still work wonderfully. An obvious choice is the 217, every beauty blogger seems to own one or want one and it’s understandable, they blend eye products out like a dream. I also love the 168 for blending in contour (when I do it on the rare occasion.) Apart from the odd brush here and there, you can find just as amazing brushes from cheaper brands.

From Nanshy I was sent the blending brush* and although i’ve only tried the one brush by this brand, I was super impressed by it. It’s really easy to control whilst blending and it blends eyeshadow products in so well. I also love the white, definitely a lot easier to pick this brush out from my collection. Full review here.

2 Make-up brushesPIN IT!

Real Techniques brushes are loved by many bloggers and it’s obvious why. Excellent quality yet affordable, they have a huge variety available from Boots and Superdrug, and even better when they are on a special offer. I have a couple of the sets but I’ve been more impressed by other brushes that you can buy separately. Although it’s not a brush, the Miracle Complexion Sponge is brilliant at blended out foundation and concealer. The Expert Face brush is also a great brush for applying foundation too, again blends products in seamlessly. My favourite brush that I use every single day is the Setting Brush, it’s perfect for setting under-eye products and the shape means it slots under the eye perfectly. The brushes are super soft and the long coloured handles mean when you wash them, water doesn’t seep in and cause the handle to break away. Very well thought out!

Fianlly, Zoeva brushes, definitely my favourite brush brand now. I received the Rose Gold set for my birthday last year and have used every single brush nearly every day since. My favourites are definitely the Silk Finish for flawless foundation application, the Powder brush as it picks up just the right amount of product and it’s extremely soft, and the Face Shape brush I actually use for concealer but it’s brilliant at blending the products in. My favourite brush for the eyes is the Petit Crease as the shape is great for fitting in the eye socket, it also picks up the right amount of product. All of the Zoeva brushes are so incredibly soft and I can’t wait to try out more from them, the Rose Golden eye set are next on my list. Full review here.

Which makeup brushes do you recommend?


*PR sample