Pregnancy – Weeks 1-13

As I write this I am officially out of the first trimester, the first three months are over! It’s such a relief knowing that I’m out of the woods and that the risk of miscarriage has finally dropped. It’s felt like the longest three months in existence. I just wanted to write a post to let you know how I got on in my first trimester. I found out when I was 4 weeks and until your 12 weeks scan nothing really happens.

I had my  appointment with the community midwife at just over 6 weeks where she took medical information and told me all about the different appointments that I would be having. I don’t really remember anything she told me as she turned up half hour late and so I didn’t get to eat my lunch and all I was thinking about was the jacket potato in the oven! From weeks 4-12, apart from the community midwife and a blood test, there literally isn’t anything else to do which really put me on edge. I didn’t know if everything was going right, it felt like I actually wasn’t pregnant at all. Considering you’re at the highest risk of miscarriage in the first 12 weeks, you don’t get any support which I didn’t like. I felt like they don’t look after you enough. I was so scared about having a miscarriage that any food that I had read I should avoid I did, this caused a family member to give snide remarks about how it was over the top but it’s my baby and I will do what I feel comfortable with.

My emotions have been pretty up and down, I was fine for the most part but I would panic over the silliest of things. Towards my scan date I woke up one morning freaking out that they wouldn’t be able to find a heartbeat so I was texting my best friend Hayley and she calmed me down, was such a worrying feeling but she really made me feel at ease.

Morning sickness wise I was absolutely fine until I hit 6 weeks and from then on until weeks 12 weeks I was so ill. I spent weeks 6-8 in bed every single day all day long and running to toilet every so often incase I was sick. I didn’t fancy any food at all and barely ate anything. It started to ease off a bit but I still felt nauseous pretty much every single day. In total I was only physically sick 5 times but feeling nauseous for 6 weeks straight is just awful. You may have noticed for the past couple of months that I was barely blogging, tweeting and rarely instagrammed as I just didn’t feel like doing anything, if I moved I got a wave of sickness and dizziness.

I tried to eat whatever I fancied at the time, as soon as I got a craving Brent rushed out to buy me it so I had something to eat. Throughout this time my cravings went from McDonalds and ice lollies, to apples, fruit winders and pop tarts. The main craving I had though was white bread, I always eat wholemeal but all I want now is white bread and Sprite! I lost 6lbs since the I found out due to not being able to eat properly but I’ve started to feel a lot better now, even though my stomach has shrunk to the size of a kittens, at least I can finally start to eat properly again.

I thought it may be helpful to write down some things that I found useful during this difficult but wonderful time. It’s hard to feel happy when your pregnancy “glow” is actually sweat from being so sick.  What helped me though was thinking that having sickness was a sign that things were going ok, so bare that in mind next time you’re cursing your partner whilst your head is down the toilet…sorry Brent.

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Keeping Morning Sickness at Bay

1 – Plain food

My mum said that Rich Tea biscuits helped her when she started feeling queasy. She would nibble one so I did too and it really worked. As soon as I felt hungry/sick but I just didn’t fancy anything at all, I had a biscuit and it really kept my sickness at bay. You can also have plain toast or plain bread, I chose to nibble plain white bread too.

2 – Eat what you fancy

Literally, anything you fancy. First week all I wanted was McDonalds so that’s all I ate, then I only wanted crisps, pop-tarts and cucumber sandwiches. Recently it was plain tomato pasta. The thought of any of my usual meals sent my stomach into a frenzy so we just bought whatever I fancied at the time and although I couldn’t eat a lot, a little is better than nothing.

3 – What works for you may not work for others

The above two have kinda been generic, plain food is generally what a Doctor says when anyone is feeling sick, not just pregnant women. But bare in mind what works for me may not work for you but I hope they do! I had so many people say to me “eat ginger biscuits or drink ginger tea” I HATE ginger so I was definitely not going to make myself eat it when I was already feeling sick. I did work out that I could stomach it if it was cold so we made some iced teas instead and ice lollies instead.

4 – Keep your fluids up

The last thing I wanted was to drink water, I suck at drinking my recommended amount as it is but water was just a no no. Tap water tasted like metal (which was my first inkling into actually thinking I was pregnant) so we bought bottled water and I make myself drink at least 1-2 bottles a day. Whenever I did feel sick, Sprite was my saviour, it made me feel better instantly, it was amazing.

I hope some of these little tips help you with your morning sickness. It’s such a happy time finding out you’re pregnant but the sickness can really suck the joy out of it, just keep reminding yourself that by 12-14 weeks you will be back to normal (hopefully) and all will be ok!

Have you suffered badly with morning sickness?