LUSH | Love Locket Bath Bomb & Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

I’m a bit late with posting my Lush Valentine’s Collection reviews. I have already posted my thoughts on their Floating Flower bath bomb but today I will be sharing what I think of their Love Locket bath bomb and Unicorn Horn bubble bar. Although these products are no longer available, I still wanted to them with you. Last year I didn’t try anything from their Valentine’s Day range but this year, I thoroughly enjoyed a bath on Valentine’s Day with these two products before getting ready for our meal out, it was heaven.


Love Locket bath bomb – The biggest bath bomb I’ve seen at Lush, this was priced at around £6.50 I think which is expensive. I love the design of it and how there’s a smaller heart inside. You could get at least three baths out of this one product but I opted for two. With a blend of vanilla and jasmine, it was such a lovely scent and not too overpowering. It says that the heart contains smaller heart shaped confetti however I think I saw about five pieces which was a little disappointing. It was also the quickest fixing bath product I’ve ever used. It was gone in about 10 seconds which was also disappointing. I did love the the pretty pink and yellow colours that flowed out as it did it’s fizzy business though.


Unicorn Horn bubble bar – Easily the prettiest product I have ever seen from Lush! Glitter, stars, pastel colours and named Unicorn Horn, it’s Taylor Swift’s dream product! I just love the way it looks and the scent. With lavender and ylang ylang, it smelt very nice indeed and wasn’t too overpowering, it also blended in very well with the scents from the Love Locket bath bomb. I cut this product in half and was so surprised with just how many bubbles were created from just half a bar, so many bubbles! There’s also teeny tiny glitter particles throughout which were very subtle once dissolved and didn’t cause a load of hassle to wash away either.

I am very pleased with these products and so glad I got to enjoy a lovely Lush Valentine’s bath. Next year however I probably won’t buy Love Locket just because it did dissolve very quickly and was left a little underwhelmed. Unicorn Horn on the other hand was just lovely and I can’t wait to buy it again next year.

Did you try anything from Lush’s Valentine’s Day collection?