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If you follow Lily Pebbles on YouTube or on her blog, you probably know all about Project Life. She mentioned her scrapbook and showed her viewers how she made it and so many people are now joining in, including myself. It’s become so popular that the UK sites are going out of stock of the items in a flash!

If you don’t know what Project Life is, it’s basically a cuter way to do a scrapbook. Created by Becky Higgins, it’s said to be an easier way to document memories and everyday life. I’ve wanted to do a scrapbook for a while and this way just seemed perfect for me as I could really get creative. It was also a great excuse for buying pretty stationary, washi tape and possibly a label maker – Yes I’m Monica.

In this post I will be sharing everything I picked up, how much and where from. To make your life easier, I’ve linked up everything for you so be sure to click on all the pink links. Products are hard to get hold of in the UK but I scouted out a great place in the UK which ships really quickly Craftie Charlie and also there is Hobby Craft too.


I actually wanted the black folder but every single folder on both Hobby Craft & Craftie Charlie were out of stock so I settled for the Jade Geometric Album for £19.99 and actually really like it now. I plan to get a different coloured album whenever I need a new one and honestly don’t mind this colour at all now.


I took a while to decide on the inserts that I wanted and finally opted for three different designs. Design C holds six 6×4 photographs. Classic Album Refill Protectors are great for making your own collages on the pretty paper – see below. I also picked up the same design pack as Lily’s as I like the smaller 3×4 photograph size. These are called Design A. Each pack cost £6.99 and include 12, 12×12 wallets.


The dividers aren’t really necessary but I decided to buy some anyway. I want to create both 2014 & 2015 in this one folder and don’t actually have many photographs for 2014 so it’s not taking much room up. Therefore I won’t be using the Becky Higgins Project Life Strawberry Edition Dividers until I get to 2015. There are so many different designs to chose from and I love the colours of these, they are so pretty and only cost £7.99.


Themed card packs, oh you are so pretty! There are tonnes of different design packs available and I took forever to decide on the packs that I wanted. I’m going to my local Hobby Craft store at the end of the month and plan to pick up more as they are so handy for making your album look pretty and more interesting. I chose the Becky Higgins Project Life Music Cards for £4.99 and the Becky Higgins Project Life Speciality XOXO Cards for £6.99. I especially love these ones as they have some beautiful designs. Each pack contains 6×4 cards and 3×4 cards. Each card has a different or similar design on either side as well.


Photographs are a must for this project. You can either get them printed in different stores, print them off yourself or do it online. I chose the latter and ordered my camera pictures from SnapFish and my Instagram pictures from the Free Prints App off my iPhone. Shop around though as you can get some pretty good deals.

Unnecessary items but I think are great are the Becky Higgins Project Life Corner Rounder Punch which cuts your square edged photograph or paper to a rounded edge. For £9.95 It’s not really needed but I personally like the look of the rounded edges. Also, in Lily’s video, she talks about a glue mouse that makes sticking pictures down really easy and I found the Crafters Companion Permanent Tape Pen which does make things so much easier, it also doesn’t cause the picture to raise up which means it takes up less room. For £3.00 it’s definitely worth investing in.


I never knew my local TKMAXX had a craft section and let out a little squeal when I found the speciality paper book which has 48 12″x12″ sheets with 12 different designs and two pages where different things can be cut out – see above. It was a bargain at £7.99 as the Project Life paper packs are £16.99 for just one design. I didn’t realised until I was home that this book is actually the Heidi Swapp brand which also does Project Life bits. It’s definitely worth nipping into your local store to see if they have any craft items in stock.


Everything else you can just go wild with, just find different postcards with different quotes on, or write your own. Anything that you want to make your scrapbook creative and appeal to you. I found bits in Wilkinsons and AsdaSharpies can be found in any stationary store and washi tape can be found in so many different places now. I’m not 100% happy with all the tape I received as it’s smaller than what I expected and the designs are not what I thought at all. Will hopefully pick up some more when I visit the Hobby Craft store soon. Finally, I decided to get the 3×4 Project Life Grid Cards for £5.99 and the 6×4 Project Life Grid Cards which were £8.99, both contain 100 cards. I wish I had picked up the plain ones now but I’m still getting a lot of use out of these.

That’s it for this haul. If you have enjoyed this post, be sure to pop back soon or follow my blog as I will be writing a “Project Life So Far” where I’ll be sharing the way I’ve decided to create my Project Life album.

Have you started Project Life? Do you want to?