YSL Cinéma Perfume

I’ve been meaning to review this scent for a very long time now. I’ve always liked it but back in May I decided I would finally buy it. Many of you may know that my Grandma sadly passed in May and this was the perfume I always bought her and she loved it. I wanted to buy it for myself as every time I spritz a bit or smell it, it reminds me of her. I can always tells when my mum or sister wears it, my nose is so used to the scent now.

YSL Cinéma is packaged in very simple yet luxurious packaging. Just a rectangle glass bottle with gold detailing. On the back Yves Saint Laurent is written on the textured glass and it looks so pretty sitting in my perfume collection.

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Scent wise, I think that Cinéma is a very glamorous and sophisticated scent. It’s perfect for evening time but still light enough to pass as a daytime scent as well. With top notes of peony, almond blossom and jasmine and base notes of musk, amber and vanilla, it is a unique fragrance and very elegant.

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I personally love this scent and have for a long time, even before I started buying it for my Grandma but it may seem too heavy for some people, especially if you aren’t a fan of deeper scents. If you have never smelt it, I highly recommend giving it a whiff next time you pass a YSL counter.

Have you smelt YSL Cinéma before? What are your thoughts on this scent?