INM Northern Lights Hologram Top Coats

There’s nothing better than a sparkly nail for the festive season. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen the beautiful Topshop glitter polishes I picked up today. I love pairing a dark nail with glittery top coats and these INM polishes from Jica are different from any normal glitter polishes.

2PIN IT! 3PIN IT! 4PIN IT!INM Gold top coat* – link | INM Silver top coat* – link

I like how the glitter in these are very fine and therefore can we worn subtly or built up for a more sparkly finish. The particles are also holographic so in different lighting, they look different colours and really shine. In the swatches, the gold bottle was just one coat and the silver bottle was with two coats so you can see the difference in subtly.

Wear wise, they lasted pretty well on my nails and because it is fine glitter, it meant the dreaded task of removing it was really easy, no faffing around with these. Once dry, they left a really lovely glossy shine for about 3 days which is pretty good!

 What’s your favourite festive glitter polish?


*PR sample