Brand Focus | Fiorelli

I have always been a handbag girl, I always used to buy mine from River Island and Topshop and probably bought a new one every season. I would use them for a bit and then sell them on eBay and buy my next one. Crazy I know. Recently I have fallen head over heels for the brand Fiorelli. I’ve always known about this brand, I just never thought about buying any bags from them.

Recent Debenhams trips and surfing, I came across some styles that I just couldn’t say no too. I don’t know about you, but do you feel the need to own a bag in tan, black, big, small…etc…or is that just me?!

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My most recent purchases are the Riva Mini Tote Black Mix and the Stella Large Zip Around Purse. I have loads of huge bags that can fit everything but the kitchen sink in and found this gorgeous mini tote for the days when I don’t fancy bench pressing a huge bag all day. I love the combination of fabrics on the bag, faux leather on the front and back and a kind of suede on the sides. The gold hardware and logo look really pretty too. Considering it’s a mini sized bag, it still fits in all of my essentials. I’ve just seen this in full size which is so dangerous as it’s so beautiful but I just can’t justify another black bag already.

The purse wasn’t a necessity however my current purse which I have is so scratched now. My lovely friend bought it for me a couple of birthdays ago, i’m still going to keep it but decided to get a new one in black. This way I can drop it all I like and you won’t notice any scratches….hopefully

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The only tan bag I have ever owned. I originally saw this in black, but they only had tan available on but now I actually prefer this colour. The Mani Tote is relatively big with a zip closure. It has so much room inside that I can still fit my 13″ MacBook Air in and still have tonnes of room left. I’ve used this the most so far out of all the big bags and although they say you can’t wear black and brown together, I do. I don’t really listen to that rule anymore, I like the two shades together.

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The Kenzie Tote bag sadly isn’t available online anymore but it was the first Fiorelli bag I bought. It’s a great size that can fit a lot of things in. The only issue I have with this one is that the opening doesn’t open as wide as the others but it’s still a great bag overall.

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The Perry Crossbody bag has received the most love. I used this pretty much all over summer, on holiday and whenever I go out and just need to take a couple of things with me. I love how small and compact it is and even full to the brim, it keeps it’s shape. The purse that slots in the back is fab and it fits loads of cards in and I was using this as my actual purse at one point. Sadly again, this bag isn’t available online anymore but they do have lots of new different crossbody styles here.

Fiorelli is definitely a brand I will continue to love for many years. They may not be the cheapest of bags, but they are definitely excellent quality and are great investments. I do look after my things quite well but all these bags look as good as new. Excellent quality and design.

What’s your favourite handbag brand?