Back To Basics | Skincare With E45

The Autumn and Winter months bring cold nights and drier skin. You may already know that my skin type for my face is very dry, however my body is relatively okay. Saying that, it was only recently that I had trouble with dry elbows and it’s times like this I go back to basics.

After using the Nivea Express Hydration body lotion and loving a plain product with no bells and whistles but just packing my skin with hydration, I’ve decided to use simpler products every now and again. I was asked if I would like to sample some E45 products and I said yes as my sister has used it for years for her eczema and during my years working in pharmacy, E45 was the brand that I recommended most to my customers who had dry skin concerns, so why not actually write about a brand I already know is great.

2PIN IT!From using the E45 Moisturising Lotion* and E45 Nourish & Restore* products, my skin feels great. The products sink into the skin really quickly and any skin concerns are gone within a couple of days. My skin feels so incredibly smooth. The Nourish & Restore product has a very light scent to it whilst the original lotion is perfume-free which is great for people who prefer to not have a scent in their lotion. When I told my sister I was testing out some E45 products, she answered straight away how she’s used it for years and still does. If you feel you may be suffering with eczema, you can check out their eczema symptoms page on their website. They have lots of different skincare products and even a children’s range to help with their skin troubles too.

To be really honest, I’m not too sure why I have waited this long to use such a great brand. Growing up I used to always slather myself in aqueous cream or Oilatum and E45 would have been just as great. If you have any dry skin concerns yourself, I highly recommend checking out the E45 website here and give their lotions a whirl. Sometimes, all your skin needs is just losing the thrills and going back to basics.

Have you tried E45 before?